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Cosmetic Circumcision


Circumcision (the removal of the foreskin of the penis) is commonly done on newborn infants as a routine medical or religious practice. Circumcision is also performed on adults and differs dramatically from infant circumcision in terms of surgical accuracy and skill required to achieve optimal patient results. Surgeons who specialize in cosmetic circumcision usually use a scalpel rather than scissors or a clamp, and use absorbable sutures of the highest quality (suitable for facial plastic surgery).

As a routine medical or religious practice, most individuals who perform the procedure do not take extra precaution as to the results of the procedure. In fact, there are varying outcomes as to the physical nature of the remaining aesthetics, and the procedure certainly does not tend to receive the care and attention equal to that of another plastic surgery.

cosmetic penile circumcisionCosmetic Circumcision as Performed by J. Francois Eid, M.D.

Often overlooked in adult circumcisions performed by generalists is the cosmetic appearance of the erect penis following circumcision. This represents a procedure performed for hygiene purposes, and for that reason does not receive the same attention as other cosmetic procedures. However, in our hands, great care has been taken so that during an erection, the penis has an excellent cosmetic appearance. For that reason prior to the removal of skin, an artificial erection is induced in all patients so as to precisely determine the amount of skin to be excised. In addition of experiencing improved hygiene and self-esteem, after having a cosmetic circumcision patients are very pleased with the appearance of their penis.

Surgery Expectations

About the Procedure:

When the procedure is performed on a newborn, clamp devices are used to remove the skin, stop bleeding and close the skin. These clamps were designed as early as the 1930s, and are a bit outdated for older patients. When the procedure is performed on adolescents or adults, suturing (or stitches) are required, because males achieve erections during the REM portion of sleep, and these erections would reopen a circumcision wound. Because of this unique circumstance (no other plastic surgery faces such a risk to the wound), Dr. Eid takes special care to artificially create an erection with an injection of prostaglandin E-1 five minutes prior to initiating the procedure. This is to make sure that neither the foreskin is loose, nor too much skin removed causing the penis to be buried in fat and hair bearing skin.

View Photos of Cosmetic Circumcision

Cosmetic circumcision - preop  Cosmetic circumcision - frenulectomy  Cosmetic circumcision - removal of skin at the base of the penis  Cosmetic circumcision - suturing the top  Cosmetic circumcision - suturing at the base

Post-Operative Results:

Cosmetic circumcision does not change the size of the penis, as the foreskin does not tether or impair the stretching of the penis with erections. The procedure only changes the appearance of the penis, making it easier to clean and giving it a smoother look. In addition to removing the foreskin of men who were not circumcised as babies, Dr. Eid can also revise the appearance or tightness of circumcisions that have already been done, making them more attractive during erections. If a man is unhappy with the appearance of his penis due to scars or visible suture marks, he can attempt to improve its appearance.

Patient Instructions


The surgery is typically done with general anesthesia. Prior to the procedure, the patient should meet with Dr. Eid to review their medical history as well as their personal goals for the procedure. Patients should expect to relax for the day after the surgery, and avoid activities such as exercising, but the surgery is generally a very mild one, and patients will return home that day and can participate in normal activity within 48 hours.


After surgery, the patient will be sent home with dissolvable sutures, and a compressive bandage on the penis. The patient should also wear supportive underwear to help keep the bandage in place. You will be given specific instructions on when to remove the bandage, and it should not be taken off before that time. Many patients are able to resume sexual activity in approximately one to two weeks. Ultimately, patients are very pleased with the outcome of Dr. Eid’s cosmetic circumcision and the care taken during the procedure. A majority of Dr. Eid’s patients conclude that the procedure improved the physical appearance of their penis, resulting in a dramatic increase in self-esteem and sexual intimacy.

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