Results of No-Touch Technique (NTT) during Penile Implant Surgery

Number of cases since registry was started in 2002: 4841 implants

Number of cases with No-Touch Technique since January of 2006: 3989 implantsInfection rate with No-Touch updated 10/15/2019: 0.6%

Percent of surgical infections reduced to almost zero through use of Dr. Eid’s No-Touch Technique

* No-Touch Technique and saline irrigation onlyPrior to 2006, Dr. Eid expertly used state-of-the-art infection prevention techniques, achieving low rates of penile implant infection comparable to other prominent penile prosthesis surgeons today. In 2006, Dr. Eid further reduced his penile infection rate to well below most penile implant surgeons with his innovative No-Touch Technique. In 2008, Dr. Eid’s penile infection rate dropped to almost 0% (fewer than 1 in 225 surgeries).

Our initial penile infection rate of 0.91% using this technique, inclusive of both virgin and replacement implants, is below even the lowest reported infection rates in the literature. While a prospective study comparing standard sterility techniques to the No-Touch Technique is needed to establish statistical significance, we believe that our low implant infection rate demonstrates the clinical significance of the technique.


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