Complete Care Model for Penile Implant Surgery

Dr. Eid’s vision for Advanced Urological Care is to offer excellent unparalleled care.

In order to do this he developed the “Complete Care Model”, an innovative model of delivering health care which manages the entire patient penile implant procedural experience; from the time the patient makes the decision to have an implant until patient full recovery. In other words, surgery does not start nor does it end in the operating room.

If we look at the surgical procedure as a circle, we see six major stages along the way:

  • The Initial Contact
  • Logistics
  • The Pre-operative preparation
  • The Intra-Operative process
  • The Postoperative care
  • The Recovery

Put simply, the Complete Care Model organizes and coordinates the entire patient’s journey.

Most surgical practices will only focus on the intra-operative care, which results in fragmented total care, pre-operative cancellations, confusion and delays in the operating room and poor follow up. As a result patients often feel abandoned after the penile implant procedure and are left to their own ingenuity to manage their recovery and device-use training.

Our model is physician led, patient centered and team based.

It begins with providing clear concise information about the penile implant, managing and assisting with insurance, scheduling, logistics and travel needs, medical optimization for the procedure, timely scheduling of medication, instruments and supplies and evidenced-informed care pathways, expert surgical, nursing and anesthetic care, facilitated recovery and training on use of the device. Finally we conclude with measurement of patient-centered outcome and continuous performance improvement.

“The Complete Care Model is not intended to replace the surgeon’s patient care responsibility, but rather leverage the abilities of the entire perioperative care team (Advanced Urological Care and Facility) in the service of the patient.”

At the end of the patient’s surgical journey, the benefits of the Complete Care Model are these: “improved patient experience; improved safety and health outcomes; and reduced costs.”