Tunical Shortening Procedures

As is described in the title, these procedures aim to shorten the healthy side of the tunica albuginea to match the length of the shorter side where the plaque is located. The advantage of this type of procedure includes shorter surgical time, adequate cosmetic outcome, minimal effect on erectile function and much fewer complications than for tunical lengthening procedures. The disadvantages include shortening of the erect penile length and failure to correct defects involving an hour glass deformity with hinging of erection.  Ideal patients for this procedure are patients with large penises, with excellent erectile function and absence of narrowing and hinging of the penile shaft. In my experience, very few patients will prefer a short straight penis than a longer albeit curved erect penis. Complications include induration and pain of the skin overlying the suture knots (suture granuloma) and shortening of the erect penis to the point that thrusting during intercourse is no longer possible.

Penile Implant