Based on prostate symptoms and test results, doctors may offer a number of treatment options for an enlarged prostate. Non-surgical options include:

Watchful Waiting

If your symptoms are mild, your doctor may recommend simply monitoring the situation before taking action.

Medication Therapy

Oral therapy has potential for symptom relief. It has the advantage of no surgery. Disadvantages include ongoing medication therapy, risks of side effects, high out of pocket cost, and sometimes over time effectiveness diminishes. Certain men also do not like to take medications.

Alpha Blocker Drugs

This is the most common way to treat BPH. Medicines like Flomax, Cardura, Hytrin and Uroxatral have proven to be effective in the treatment of most cases. Alpha Blockers relieve the obstruction by trying to stop the process by which the construction occurs. They basically relax the smooth muscle cells in the prostate to relieve urinary obstruction. Like most medicines side effects can occur. They are mild in most cases and include dizziness on standing, feeling fatigued, loss of ability to ejaculate with orgasm.

Alpha Reductase Inhibitors

Avodart and Proscar are drugs that work by bringing about hormonal changes that actually shrink the prostate. These however must only be used by men who exhibit clear signs of prostate enlargement, not just LUTS. Side effects include excess hair growth, decrease volume of ejaculation and decreased sexual desire.