The multicomponent inflatable penile implant (three-piece implant) was invented in 1973 and is covered by most commercial insurance plans including Medicare. You will be responsible for the deductible and co-payments as contracted by your plan. For self-pay patients without any insurance coverage please contact my assistants Janice ( or Ruby ( or by phone at (212) 535-6690 for information regarding the complete cost.

Dr. Eid’s “No-Touch” penile implant procedure, which he invented in 2006, takes about one hour, is performed without general anesthesia or blood loss and patients go back home or to the hotel on the same day. Patients that are out of state or from an international destination can travel and return home as early as two days after the procedure. Dr. Eid’s penile implant technique allows most to start activating the penile pump in two to three weeks and sexual activity may be started as soon as it feels comfortable enough (two to four weeks).

For out of state or international patients all preoperative testing, including blood and urine tests, EKG and cardiac clearance can be performed locally next to your home. In order to schedule your procedure, we require an initial phone or video consultation with Dr. Eid to determine that you are a good candidate for the penile implant, we obtain a complete medical history and we answer all of your questions. Only one preoperative office visit will be necessary on the day before the procedure to meet you; this will give us the opportunity to answer any additional questions that you may have about penile implants, provide you with post-operative instructions and perform penile measurements. During this visit you will be shown what the size of the erect penis will be after the implant as well as which penile implant model or brand will be the best fit for your anatomy. Medicare and some commercial insurance plans require that the initial office visit be scheduled at least 48 hours before the procedure date.

Our staff is available to help you with logistics, travel advice, scheduling, accommodations and insurance reimbursement inquiries.

At the conclusion of the initial office visit, a plastic model of the penile pump, an instructional video and initial penile pump inflating instructions will also be provided to you. For the travel and international patients, this avoids having to return to the office to learn how to use the device. A follow-up phone call is also scheduled approximately two weeks after the procedure to ensure that the patient knows how to use the penile pump device.

We are proud of our success with the “No-Touch” technique which provides patients with the safest and most predictable outcome, the lowest risk of penis infection in the world, the best penile cosmetic look with complete concealment of the scar and the largest penile size and best quality erection. There is no substitute for experience.

Advanced Urological Care is committed to following each patient through his entire treatment journey.

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