It is important that patients do not eat or drink anything, including water, after 12:00 midnight on the day before your penile implant surgery, nor the day of the surgery except for your medications. You should take all of your regular medications except for blood thinners with a small sip of water only the morning of the penile implant procedure.

Patients must not take aspirin or any products that contain aspirin for up to one week prior to the implant surgery except for patients who have coronary artery disease or a drug-eluting coronary stent. Patients with coronary artery disease or stents must continue with daily baby aspirin 81mg up to and including the morning of the penile surgery. Products that contain aspirin include Ecotrin, Anacin, Bufferin, and Advil. Herbal products or supplements such as Ashgawandha, Green Ted and Red Yeast Extract should be stopped for at least one month for the bleeding effects to dissipate.

In order to decrease the colony count of skin bacteria the skin must be washed with Hibiclens twice per day for three days prior to the penile implant procedure day. Also three days before the implant procedure inspect the penile and scrotal skin and if you notice any skin infections, boil, rash or open wound please report it by contacting the office.

If the penile implant procedure is being performed on an ambulatory basis, then it is suggested that you arrive no later than one hour and thirty minutes before your scheduled time. You will be contacted on the day before the penile procedure to confirm your arrival time.

It is also important that you make arrangements before the penile surgery to have a friend or relative escort you to your home or hotel after the implant procedure. If you do not have a person to take you home, we will contact a nursing service for you that can provide a companion for a nominal fee otherwise your penile implant procedure will be canceled.