“It is the mission of our Center to be the leader in the delivery of world-class patient care and service to our local, state, national and international communities. With its outstanding education to all employees, innovative solutions to complicated problems, responsible and proactive patient services, the Center combines the best clinical and administrative practices of all its members so that it can achieve recognition and status as one of the premiere male sexual health centers in the world.”

Our Promise:

Six key cornerstones of the Center’s philosophy:

  • Service
    We promise to aid, assist and meet the needs of all our patients and consider them the highest priority. We view each interaction with patients and their families as an opportunity to distinguish ourselves as an outstanding service provider.
  • Dignity and Respect
    We value and respect each person and treat individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation. Our treatment of our patients reflects our commitment to promote the dignity of each person, to encourage independence in the realm of sexual function and to foster dialogue and exchange of information in a professional and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Confidentiality
    Realizing that the issue of sexual function is a very personal and intimate problem, patients’ confidentiality is a major cornerstone of our philosophy.
  • Integrity
    We aspire to the highest level of personal and professional ethics and legal compliance, as demonstrated by our commitment to honesty, reliability and confidentiality.
  • Responsibility
    We encourage open, honest and responsible communication and problem-solving. By working together in this way, we can fulfill the Center’s mission and actively participate in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Collaboration
    We engage in effective cooperation which recognizes that each individual, service or business involved in the field of sexual health is integral and essential to the fulfillment of the Center’s mission. This collaborative effort will result in patient care which draws from the best available resources. (phentermine)

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