Prostatepedia: Expert Insight + Advice. Erectile Dysfunction After Treatment

Prostatepedia is a resource that features informal conversations with doctors, patients, and activists about prostate cancer. Prostatepedia interviewed Dr. Eid to discuss penile prostheses after prostate cancer treatment.

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The Accidental Advocate

Well-known journalist, Benno Schmidt, talks about his type 1 diabetes and the resulting struggle with erectile dysfunction. Schmidt tried a variety of ED treatments, from oral medications to penile injections. After his consultation with Dr. Eid, he decided on penile implant surgery and is now enjoying a healthy and happy sex life.

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NY Radio Korea Dr. Eid Interview for KCS Men’s Health Seminar

Radio interview

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Dr. Eid did a radio interview with NY Radio Korea on 87.7

The purpose of the interview was to provide our Asian-American community with information on the prevalence and frequency of diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Asian-Americans have the highest rate of undiagnosed diabetes among all ethnic groups and because the diabetes remains untreated, they experience a much greater frequency of the complications of diabetes.

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#EAU15 – Study shows regaining normal sexual functioning is “rare” after prostate operations

Results of a new study, presented at the European Association of Urology Congress in Madrid from March 20-24th, indicate that regaining normal erectile function is rare after radical prostatectomy, the most common prostate operation.

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The Urolift® prostate urethral lift

Announcing a Breakthrough Prostate Treatment to relieve urinary frequency and urgency symptoms caused by enlarged prostate available at Advanced Urological Care. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

The prostate urethral lift is a novel approach to relieve urinary symptoms such as frequency and difficulty of urination caused by an enlarged prostate. The Urolift® System treatment is a minimally invasive approach that lifts the enlarged prostate out of the way so it no longer blocks urine flow. Small implants are installed without surgery or cutting through the penis to hold open the prostate lobes.

The procedure:

First the delivery instrument is used to compress the lateral lobes of the prostate and then the implant is delivered that essentially tacks the prostate tissue away from the opening of the urethra. No tissue is destroyed or removed and sexual function including erections and ejaculation is preserved.