William R.

Excellent, Only problem is you are out of my insurance net-work…..need to have more insurance options available

Charles P.

O k. 10

Robert S.

Excellent care and concern were given to me by Dr Eid and all members of his team. I highly recommend him.

Ansil C.

Dr Eid is an awesome urologist and all his staff members are very courteous and understanding and most of very PROFESSIONAL AND INFORMATIVE

Kenneth S.

Very professional and caring. Dr. Eid has been my urologist through many successful surgeries. His manner is warm and sensitive. Always concerned about the patient’s comfort. I also have much praise for his wonderful staff.

Ira S.

Always a pleasure to visit the practice.

Louis P.

Great experience with the staff, very professional, extremely helpful. They make everything much easier

Michael I.

Very knowledgeable and described very well the procedure to be done.

Edmund J.

very cordial and accommodating.

Thomas F.

Dr. Eid is an excellent doctor. Unlike a lot of other doctors, he really cares about the quality of the work he performs. Dr. Eid is also personable and caring, taking his time to understand the patients needs and concerns.

Cesar C.

Very professional !!

Cesar C.

Very professional !!

Michael K.

Could not have been more pleased with my consultation with Dr.Eid. He took his time explaining the implant as well as other options. In addition he did a short procedure which was not even scheduled.

Chester L.

I very much enjoyed my talk with Dr Eid and was very impressed by him!

Juma I.


Daniel L.

It was good but felt rushed without enough time to really talk. Dr. Eid is always very good at providing feedback, keeping his patients informed, etc. but yesterday’s visit was very rushed – in all honesty he didn’t even remember he had performed surgery on me.

John C.

Wonderful doctor and staff. Very thorough.

Frederick J.

Dr. Eid provided us with all the info we need to move forward and feel confident.

Gregory R.

Dr. Eid and his entire staff are incredibly pleasant to deal with. Their willingness to spend the time to explain the medical procedures in detail, and ensure all your questions are answered make for a very comforting experience. They are truly knowledgeable professionals and experts at what they do.

Rodolfo K.

Dr Eid is the best you can get, both professionally and in terms of human relationship.

Max M.

I am enormously grateful to Dr Eid for helping me, in only two visits, to begin functioning very close to the way I did before my radical prostatectomy 18 months ago. My only regret is not asking my surgeon at MSK for this referral long ago. I am so grateful to Dr Eid and his great staff team.

Ali E.

Dr Eid is a very good doctor who cares about his patients. Five stars

Gabriel B.

Completely changed my life for the better and I am extremely grateful

Michael M.

I have been patient of Dr. Eid for over two years. First as a penile implant candidate and recipient, ultimately followed by a treatment of enlarged prostate. I cannot adequately express my satisfaction with the services provided by Dr. Eid and his staff. For years now I experienced only a professional and highly compassionate treatment with immediate attention to the slightest problems I may have. I am extremely satisfied with performance and highly impressed with knowledge and professionalism.

William H.

I gladly rate Dr. Eid – and his entire staff – 5+ stars! Having endured radical prostatectomy surgery three years ago (at age 59), I was beginning to wonder if my love-making days were behind me. None of the other therapeutic options worked – I tried them all. My urologist suggested I consider a penile implant. My initial reaction was negative. But then I started doing my own research about the device and the procedure, and the most coveted, the most highly rated specialist I found online was Dr. Eid – hands down!. This man is a pioneer in his field. Excellent bedside manner does not begin to describe his experience and passion for helping men regain their ability to enjoy intimacy again. The more information (including reviews) I found on his experience, the more confident I became in my decision. Our first consultation, my wife and I respected and admired him immediately. He went above and beyond with answering all of our questions (and my wife is an RN). Although the surgery was a success, I was having trouble getting the device to function on my own; I just couldn’t get it. Frustrated, I called his office and his wonderful staff (Sylvia and Myra, specifically) were always available to talk to me. Sylvia recommended that I come into the office and she would help me. Again, bedside manner is oft times overlooked, but these ladies were tremendous and incredibly patient with me (and even laughed at my silly jokes). It took me a few times but after working with Dr. Eid and Sylvia, I finally was able to activate the device on my own. I commend Dr. Eid for his passion and success in building a specialized business designed specifically to help men like me with intimacy issues. I just love everyone in his office. They treat me and my wife like family. Thank you, Dr. Eid. Kudos to you and your staff. I’m happy to be your spokesperson.

Michael G.

Dr Eid and the Staff are true professionals.I would highly recommend them..

Constantine M.

As usual Dr. Eid was very helpful in explaining everything and very thorough in his examination. He saved my marriage with the successful penile implant procedure. All the best to Dr. Eid.

James A.

Friendly staff!!!

Joseph K.

The time and experience at and w/ Dr.Eid and his staff Slyvia,Janice,Myra and Ruby was nothing but professional,personal,friendly and caring.I am thankful for them, and my choice in my decision of my procedure. Previously I interviewed other specialist doctors in this field. I highly recommend Dr. Eid hands down above all. Thank you, Joseph

Adrian A.

very professional, most informative, very comfortable with the dr., excellent presentation

Haywood B.

Very informative and extremely thorough. Best Urologist I’ve ever been to.

Geubert O.


Victor N.

All the tests are done to Verify the success of the operation.

David F.

Dr Eid and his staff are professional and extremely friendly. The service and care from Dr Eid is top notch.

Robert C.

Felt very comfortable in interview. Dr Eid gave me a lot of confidence. He was easy to talk to.

Patrick B.

Very informative,,and no pressure..

John David T.

Prompt and professional. My appointment was handled with dignity and professionalism!

Darryl A.

Professional, prompt.

Abdelhamid A.

Keep up the great work u do

Joseph S.

great service from M

Jeffrey H.


William G.

Extremely happy and pleased with my implant, awesome. I’ve had my implant for two years without any problems, I use it once or twice weekly, getting better with age.

Jimmy R.

Great staff

Petros K.

He is the best

David R.

Initial consultation and testing. Very impressed with Dr. Eid and his staff as well. Derived a sensible plan of treatment. I was made to feel very comfortable, and I’m glad that I am finally taking positive steps with the guidance of a high-quality, experienced professional.

William R.

Very satisfied with the service Thank you

Bobbie J.

A personal and friendly environment

Steven D.

Very knowledgeable doctor, and staff. Everyone is very friendly, patient, and private with your information. It is well worth the trip to go to this office instead of the local office.

Frederick W.


Bruce F.


Howard P.

Dr Eid restored my sense of normal. The BEST and ONLY doctor to see for this procedure. The most experienced, skilled surgeon for such a delicate procedure. Additionally, he’s kind and engaging. Sylvia, one assistant, was so very kind and comforting with me. As was Myra, Janice and Rosa. If you’re reading this, you may well need this treatment. If you do, look no further. Dr Eid and his staff are THE BEST you’ll find.

Robert W.

My experience was curious and skillful with great results.

Ralph R.

Dr. Eid is the best doctor in his field. He goes out of his way to insure the surgery went well. He provides his cell phone number so you can reach him at anytime. Well worth a cross country trip. I would advise anyone looking for the most knowledgeable, caring doctor in his field to see Dr. Eid!

Larry D.

Dr.EID, Changed my life! After a radical prostoechtomy in 2006. My ability to get and maintain an erection(1-10 level) was a “1”… Tried every medication, ordered non rx online products, and used countless needles (which created scars and created “Prius” not good! Saw a live seminar with a patient of his from (10+) years ago and visited Dr. Eid. Very simple no pressure visit. I decided to get the implant! Wow! Dr.Eid, is a very concerned/ focused on you as a male with Erection concerns. His operation was very very Successful for me. My Confidence, My performance, and Total satisfaction for me and a sexual( female) partner was better than ever. I should never have waited 10+ years. I recommend you visit Dr. Eid “ASAP!” Definitely will make you a “Stallion” in the bedroom. Thank you , thank you Dr. Francois Eid and very compassionate/ knowledgeable staff. Larry D. I will allow Dr. Did to provide you with my contact information for me to share my story and my success from Dr. Eid.

Gerald C.

Highly recommended

Howard P.

To start, my first communication was with Janice and Rosa at the front desk. By phone and email. VERY welcoming and helpful getting my initial appointment with Dr Eid. I arrived from Philadelphia and was greeted with compassion and caring. Medical Assistants Sylvia and Myra made a delicate circumstance caring and – I would say – loving. Procedure was more than a success. After three different treatments for prostate cancer, my genitals were not what they had been, especially as a young man. I can tell you, my erection now is pretty much as it was as a young man. Further, I can say, that, ascetically, FLACCID, my penis looks better than ever. Dr Eid is THE BEST and makes you feel valued and whole. I AM NORMAL AGAIN. Thank You Dr Eid and your wonderful staff. Howard Phillips

Jamie M.


Jerry D.

Dr. Eid is a compassionate, highly knowledgeable physician and surgeon who is committed to providing the best possible outcome for his patients. I traveled from another state to consult with Dr. Eid, and I highly recommend him if you will settle for nothing but the finest level of service. 6 stars!

Neil V.

A wonderful doctor and staff that is caring and very professional. Dr Eid is the best.

John M.

I’m a 70-year-old married man who had a radical prostatectomy 12 years ago and since then have been struggling with ED. I had been reluctant even to consider a penile implant, but recently decided to explore the possibility. My wife accompanied me on my visit to Dr. Eid since it concerns the both of us. Dr. Eid explained the procedure comprehensively, understandably and empathetically. He discussed the pros and cons, answered all of our questions forthrightly, and made us feel very comfortable. Very impressive and reassuring.

Ishmael C.

Doctor E is the coolest understanding caring doctor there is he understands his patient needs

Francis C.

I learned about what was the likely cause of my problem.

Ronald R.

Always five star. Dr Eid is a fabulous doctor. Very knowledgeable, kind and takes his time to explain everything

Sang K.

Very good.

Wayne B.

If getting your penis hard again is the reason for your visit, then Dr. Eid is your guy.

Peter F.

Very professional and informative

David S.

Dr Eid is truly remarkable.. all my expectations were met and then some. He took his time and answered all my questions without feeling rushed. Thank you Dr. Eid David Kerrville, Texas

Jimmie M.

In my 68 years of visiting and being treated by doctors, I have never had a Doctor like Dr. Eid. His care, concern, patience, and overall bedside manner is excellent and beyond belief. His office staff is the best. They are highly professional and as caring as Dr. Eid.

Robert D.

Very professional

Chester L.

Great, I like the Doctor a lot

Leon A.

My experience as always with Dr Eid and his staff genuinely great at all times that I have to interact with them excellent .

Eric S.

Top notch.

Timothe (Timothy) W.

Excellent professional and personalised service with an extremely cordial staff. I would highly recommend.

Yusuf H.

Very professional environment.

Tracy M.

Very informative no question unanswered

Dennis M.

Your staff are extremely friendly and professional and make a very uncomfortable situation for a male going there very comfortable and I thank you very much for that!

Joshua C.

I especially liked Dr Eid’s demeanor. It is very rare to find such a friendly demeanor among American doctors these days

Edwin H.

Dr.Eid and his staff were very courteous and understanding to all questions and concerns.

Jere W.

I am a physician and have been treated by 2 other urologists previously. Surgeons have the reputation of being arrogant and uncaring. Dr. Eid is nothing like that. He is wonderful. I couldn’t say enough good things about him. I highly recommend him.

Wayne D.


Dennis C.

Professional and Caring and amazing staff.

Luis M.

The staff with whom I spoke to prior to my meeting with the Dr. were welcoming and made me feel safe and secure. Dr. Eid was incredibly easy to talk with especially given the sensitivity of the topic. All of my questions were answered and my fears dissolved. I can not say enough good about him.

David G.

Dr. Eid is an excellent doctor and I was very impressed with his attention to every detail. His staff is very friendly and professional. I had the procedure and it went smoothly. I am very happy with the results. My only regret is not having this procedure a whole lot sooner. All I say is thank you, thank you, Dr. Eid. I highly recommend him.

John G.

I had a procedure in the office today, Dr Eid made me feel very comfortable with procedure. He explained everything & what to expect. Thanks!

Naum B.

Best doctor,very knowledgeable 5star

Steven D.

Informative. Obvious many years of experience. Awaiting a great outcome!

Emanuel Z.

Very good and professional

Joel E.

Dr Eid is kind, patient, understanding and considerate of those he works with. His expertise puts him in a class by himself. He changed my life as well as the lives of many others. I HIGHLY recommend him if you are in need of a urologist and want to work with the best.

Steven D.

Listens, intelligent, resourceful.

Bradley B.

From the first phone call to getting a surgery date has gone so smoothly thanks to Doctor Eids wonderful staff. Appointment with Dr Eid was great. I learned so much in such a little amount of time. Not once have I ever felt rushed by anyone in this practice. Everything you would expect from a world class Surgeon and his staff.

Mark N.

After years of trying everything to revitalize my failing penis, at age 63 I decided to get an implant. By this point I was depressed, defeated, and desperate. I am a healthy man, quit smoking 25 years ago, don’t drink, exercise regularly, and take my BP and statin meds. I couldn’t understand why this one part of my body (the most important part!) refused to work right. Here is my story: I started using Viagra in my mid-40’s, after my divorce, to guarantee a confident powerful erection when I re-entered the dating world. After a few years (and re-marriage to an extremely hot woman!), it became apparent that I needed it even just to maintain an erection; but that was OK, I was middle-aged, and who doesn’t need some help at that age? By my mid-50’s, I was using a LOT of Viagra, up to 150-200 mg to stay hard. It gave me headaches and heartburn, but these were manageable with OTC meds, and a small price to pay to keep “Mr. Happy” happy. I saw a urologist who said that the higher doses were OK. I had no problems with my libido, but he checked my testosterone levels. They were low, and I started Androgel. I felt better, I got more muscular at the gym, but it didn’t really improve my sex life. After a few more years, all that Viagra was getting expensive (even with ordering it from Canada), and I was still suffering failures to finish. I tried adding arginine and herbal supplements to no avail. Eventually I saw a sexual medicine specialist at Johns Hopkins and started Trimix injections. Injecting was no fun, but it worked! But, just like the pills, after a few years it started to lose effectiveness. The higher the dose, the more my penis HURT (some men are sensitive to the PGE inhibitor and I am one of them). I went for the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections—that REALLY hurt—and the electro shock-wave therapy–not as painful as it sounds, but still no picnic–at a cost of thousands of dollars. That didn’t really help. So for several years I fooled around and titrated the pills and the shots to maximize lift and minimize side effects. All of this took planning and timing and was becoming more work and less fun. The final straw was a weekend in NYC on my wife’s birthday, when I injected wrong. I got a lumpy painful bruised penis that did not get hard, and I could not satisfy her. “Mr. Happy” was now “Mr. Unhappy”. I was only 63 and not ready for celibacy, so out of desperation I started to research penile implants. I live in Philadelphia and there are doctors here who perform the surgery; but when I looked at the Coloplast website I saw that Dr. Eid is the undisputed King of Implants in the USA. His website was exhaustive and I liked his unique “No-touch” and “one incision” techniques. I made an appointment and took the Amtrak into NYC. He has an unassuming office (no fancy fish tanks, video screens, or designer furniture) and a wonderful friendly staff. While I waited, I looked through the folder of testimonials on his desk. I almost cried–all their stories, their frustrations–they all reminded me of…. me! And they all thanked him for “giving me back my life”. Dr. Eid came in and we talked at length, no rush, no attitude. He did a penile Doppler and said I had a “venous leak”. That’s why all the meds designed to increase blood flow weren’t working. There’s nothing wrong with my blood flow in–it just won’t STAY in. It’s not something I did by smoking, or eating too many burgers and fries–it just is what it is. And Dr. Eid told me that after the implant, everything will feel the same as it did before. He was calm and confident, and I trusted him. I will say right up front that the surgery was no fun. My scrotum was swollen, the catheter was uncomfortable, but the pain was tolerable with meds. I stayed flat on my back at a hotel in NYC for two days, and then at home for three more. I followed the post-op instructions to the letter with hot soaks and pumping up through the pain. Finally, after about a month, we took the now-newly-named “Mr. Titan” out for a date! Although still a little tender, he worked GREAT! And it felt GREAT! But Dr. Eid was wrong—it felt BETTER than it did before. No injection pain, no headache, and no worries whether he’ll stay up. Now I can fully focus on “the motion” instead of “the meat”. My wife is very happy! We have no complaints about the penis size or girth. And—he’s ready when you are! I have only two regrets: 1) that I waited so long and put up with so much discomfort and frustration over the years; and 2) that my penis at rest is much larger than before, so I had to buy all new underwear to fit my big dick. What a problem! I don’t like boxers, so after trial-and-error I recommend “Obviously” brand. They’re from Australia, but you can find them on Amazon. Lastly—my insurance did not cover it, so it ended up costing me around $25,000. But, seriously—Best Investment EVER! I am rejuvenated! THANK YOU Dr. Eid for “giving me back my life”!! Gratefully, Mark

Ken G.

Dr. Eid is in fact a world class doctor: professional, kind, patient and a good educator and listener!

William R.

Dr EID did a great job with my surgery and I feel 20yrs younger lol!!!

Anthony W.

So far I have only one visit with Dr Eid. I liked him from the beginning just by his simple hello. He is extremely good at listening and imparts his knowledge of Urology like a seasoned gentleman of his profession. Now that I have a better understanding of the reason for my ED and the approach he has in mind, I look forward to my next visit

Bruno C.


Anthony F.

The experience was great

Dante F.

Mozart S.

Very satisfied with the visit, nurses and doctors were professional n nice,

Daniel W.

I had a Video consultation with Dr.Eid , he was friendly and informative and I never felt as if he was pressured for time !! Il be out next year for a follow up !!

Thomas P.

Quite Good! Tom

Russell K.

Excellent.Doctor Eid is terrific and very professional

Vincent D.

Dr. Eid was a real pleasure to work with. His staff was very kind. And Dr. Eid is extremely informative, and demonstrated that he really cares about his patients. Would recommend to anyone in search of a urologist.

Terry S.

I am extremely pleased with the service, staff and Dr. Eid. Very good job. Everyone took very good care of me. Thank you.

Anthony T.

I suffered from ED since I was 60 years old and finally when I turned 68 on 2013, I decided to do something about it and contacted Dr. Eid. He performed a penile implant and my life change tremendously. I couldn’t be happier. I was able to continue my sex life with my wife with great success and satisfaction for both of us. At the beginning of this year, because I had to do a biopsy to the prostate gland, unfortunately the urologist perforated my reservoir and the implant stopped functioning. Once again, I contacted Dr. Eid and he replaced the whole implant, this happened 8 days ago. I can tell you that he is a genius. I am already able to inflate and deflate the new implant without any problem and very little pain. Thank you, Dr. Eid, you have been incredible every time.

Edward B.

The video consultation was a valuable opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for Dr. Eid’s bedside manner without a trip to New York. He did a great job of setting expectations about the procedure, the risks, the recovery, and limitations of the implant. Highly recommend!

Nelson F.

He is simply the BEST

William M.

Phone appointment was on time. The conversation with Dr Eid was very easy to understand. He left me with confidence that he has experience with the surgery and I am confident that he has all bases covered.

Victor L.

IAM very happy with doctor eid .He transform my life into a new man he gave me the power to live again as a complete man. God bless Dr eid.

John D.

Very professional very knowledgeable Dr Eid is the man Attention to detail very thorough

James D.

Fantastic, was very happy with the service and all it had to offer.

Bruce F.

1st rate

Daniel C.

Compassionate, helpful, knowledgeable, professional are but four of the positive adjectives that I would apply to Dr. Eid and his whole staff.

Quam O.


Aaron P.

Professional as usual

Kevin C.

After trying every remedy available for E.D., I decided that the inflatable implant was my only option. I had been searching the internet for a few years for someone to put in the implant. Other websites did not offer much information on procedure or cost. I even interviewed a couple of doctors who seemed to have little experience and were even less eager to answer my questions. Then I found this website. I was impressed by the wealth of information on this website, and of course the innovation and experience of Dr. Eid. I finally scheduled my video consultation with Dr. Eid. Unlike the other doctors, Dr. Eid was compassionate, patient, and could answer in detail all my questions. I am excited to be making arrangements to do my surgery with him. He is definitely worth the trip across the US. Thanks.

Jeffrey S.

Aside from being a very talented doctor, Dr. Eid is compassionate, warm and caring. Thank you Dr. Eid for taking an interest in me as a person, and not just seeing me as a patient.

Jeffrey H.

Dr. Eid is a wonderful doctor who has helped me an he’s also sophisticated, engaging and compassionate – anyone would want to spend time with him – and his office is excellent and expertly run.

Peter L.

Very informative

Stephen D.

Dr Eid was very informative about the procedure and spent as much time as necessary and answered all of my questions.

Joseph H.

Prompt response to my problem and eagerness to accommodate me

Jose O.

I had questions and concerns Doctor Eid made it clear and answer my question and concerns.

David P.

Is all of doctor Eve’s staff or fantastic they always make me feel welcome whenever I go for my checkups

Michael H.

Dr. Eid did a great job of explaining the procedure and recovery. I was very impressed with the expertise and history of his surgical and administrative teams

Lawrence M.

Staff and doctor , are very caring and Take there time to explain the procedures , make the visit comfortable And easy !!

Mozart S.

Everything was good

Philip F.


Michael G.

Great Dr and Staff

Gary P.

Dr. Eid and his awesome staff are the BEST in every department. Well worth the 122 mile trip. My life is at it’s best and Dr Eid found and resolved a problem my former Urologists’ never checked.

Bruce F.

Professional honest caring

Nathan I.

Dr Eid is a CB dedicated professional who is always Very thorough and helpful.

Wayne L.

Patient and detailed.

William S.

Great Doctor

Carl (Chris) P.

Dr Eid was extremely easy to talk to and explained everything in detail to where you not only understood but you knew you where going to be in good hands. I’ve always believed that you had to be comfortable with your Dr and that if you are, the outcome would always be what you expected.

Harold T.

Very useful website and thoroughly careful and professional care. The best of the best.

Fabio D.

Dr. Eid is a master at his trade

Jonathan F.

Dr Eid was professional and through in explaining the process

Robert M.

Very helpful receptionist. Dr was great to talk to.

Gregory A.

I have seen Dr. Eid personally for each one of my visits, which gives me great confidence in his level of involvement with me as a patient. His office staff have been very helpful to deal with as well during this process. I feel I am in good hands.

Lawrence S.

Dr. Eid and his team are the best! I knew that if I was going to go ahead with this surgery, I wanted the person with the most expertise, even if it meant travel. But Dr. Eid is more than a superb doctor. He’s also a great guy. He is genuinely interested in his patients, has a good sense of humor and encourages patients to call with questions after surgery. His team, some of whom have been with him for many years, are equally superb and knowledgeable. Special thanks to Sylvia, Ruby and Janice!

John M.

all the staff is professional is and friendly, appointments are on time and Dr Eid is terrific.

John D.

My experience with Doctor Eid has been only positive since I first came to him it’s been a year already since my procedure and my plumbing is humming best decision I have made Doctor Eid put a Capital S in my sex life. I highly recommend him if you are having a problem we don’t like to talk about

Guillermo R.

Very professional starting with operator and then assistant and finally return call from Dr himself

Larry D.

There are professionals you meet in your life who provide you with life improvement and well being. Dr Eid, is one of them! His very thoughtful treatment and his direct concerns for his patients is second to no one else in Urology’s Universe❗️ You have nothing to loose by making an appointment with his unbelievable staff.

Howard J.

I always receive excellent care from Dr. Eid

Moustafa A.


Peter C.

Dr Eid was very informative and very precise regard what will be done and the 2 day follow up to remove the catheter and the 3 week complete healing time.

Ronald C.

Extremely professional,knowledgeable,friendly and caring.We highly recommend EID his services to anybody looking for the “BEST”

Donald Z.

Dr. Eid is very knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner. I’m in good hands and I cannot wait for the surgery.

Neil V.

Very professional very personable every thing works great

Vincenzo A.

Dr Eid and his staff are great

Victor S.

I know Dr Eid over twenty years. Dr Eid is the most understanding, knowledgeable compassionate. He explains in detail the surgery that de he is going to perform In other words Dr Eid is The best surgeon that I ever dealt with

Jeffrey H.

Excellent clear helpful supportive

Joseph M.

The conversation was informative. Dr Eid was great as always.

Marco P.

Beautiful nursery (ms Silvia) great service.

Darrell B.

Dr. Eid is thoroughly comprehensive in explaining his procedures be for he does them. He is one of Surgeons who has human compassion for his patients.

Michael G.


Parviz K.

I truly value his expertise, knowledge and experience of his surgical procedures. He always explains everything thoroughly and as a patient I have never felt rushed.

Gasper V.

Very knowledgeable doctor, great bed side manor. The staff is very polite.

Gerald W.

Most helpful and clear understanding of my individual issue.

Mark S.

Always professional

Barry M.

Excellent. Dr.Eid is a great doctor. I have been a patient for just under thirteen years.

Brian C.

Dr. Eid was honestly perfect. He was not only talented and knowledgeable, but he was also reassuring and understanding. The entire team was always so professional and helpful. It’s no wonder Dr. Eid had such glowing reviews. I’m sure he’s heard it all before, but I hope he continues to understand how impactful his work is for all those that he sees.

Michael M.

I’ve been a patient for 2 years and have always felt Dr Eid and his staff are looking for the best care possible. I travel 6 hours to get here from western NY but would not consider going to anyone else.

Ernest B.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Eid and his staff. I am a 70 year young man that has struggled since my 40’s. My only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Eid sooner. Thank you so much for your care and for your skill.

Milco S.

A great experience with the staff initially and throughout the whole procedure, very professional and efficient. Dr. Eid is an excellent doctor. He showed care and compassion about what bothered me and came up with the best course of action after our initial consultation. Shortly after, Dr. Eid and his team planned and executed a complex procedure flawlessly. I am cured now and can go on with my life. Thank you!

Martin K.

My experience with Dr. Eid and his staff were superb. The entire process is well organized. I was adequately informed about what to expect and found the procedures to be carefully planned and achieved. Everyone was caring and courteous.

John G.

Very pleasant

Nathan I.

Very good experience. Dr Eid is thorough and professional.

Hugh I.

I’m not sure where to start. Dr. Eid and his staff are so professional and caring and listen to you. He is the Rock Star of his specialty and I’m so happy I sought him out!

Jeffrey G.

Utmost of professionalism. Clean and comfortable office. Couldn’t ask for a better experience

Jaffar N.

Pleasant staff comprehensive information

Larry L.

I did my research, traveled half way across the US and I couldn’t be happier with the whole total experience, Dr. Eid is simply the best, told me in very detailed information about the procedure and what to expect post op. Super easy, had really no discomfort at all, few home after the two day flat in be with ice packs, no swelling, nothing. I absolutely love love this guy, go the extra mile and use Dr. Eid, you will be so happy you did. Both th eD. And his amazing staff are so professional and helpful, they make you feel at home and comfortable and confident of everything. I’m almost 6 weeks out and couldn’t be happier, thanks Dr. Eid and his amazing staff, I can’t thank you enough.

Jesu J.

Honest, sincere and only treats you on what you need. So far the best urologist I’ve been to.

Joseph G.

The service was excellent. Dr. Eid is an expert in his field. His work is flawless.

John D.

Dr. Eid have been a great Surgeon for me.. he took the time to explain in details about the procedure.. Dr. Eid also have an excellent and knowledgeable professional team.. he was available 24/7 after my surgery for any unanswered questions.. would highly recommend.. excellent outcome.. Thank you Dr. Eid

Nelaton Z.

Welcoming and competent staff, compassionate and knowledgeable Doctor. For your urologic problem if you have this is your best choice.

Joseph P.

Dr Eid, being a specialist, answers every question with precise answers and confidence due to his experience in this specific area of urology.

John T.

Dr Eid, is extremely knowledgeable about pencils implants, and artificial urinary sphincter, which I need to have both procedures.He explained everything in great detail. He made me feel very good about about my decision to have him as my doctor.

William K.

Dr. Eid is very nice & informative. He takes the time to explain the whole experience. He makes you feel confident that you are making the right decision. He is easy to talk to.