Surgical Experience

Dr. J. Francois Eid, a specialist in urological prosthetic reconstruction, has performed over 7,000 multi-component inflatable penile implant surgeries (the most worldwide) over the last 31 years.

Dr. Eid knows what a remarkable and positive difference the treatment can make in a man’s life. Between enhancing the look and feel of the penis, employment of multiple techniques for preventing infection, and steady diminishment of pain until it is completely gone within 2-4 weeks, penile implant surgery has proven to be an effective treatment for many men, resulting in normal, healthy and productive lives. He has proven, unparalleled surgical results; the lowest penile infection rate in the world; the consistent use of the smallest minimally invasive incisions, the best concealment of device components, the best cosmetic scar, the use of the largest penile implant cylinders and overwhelmingly positive patient satisfaction.

The Center for Advanced Urological Care is one of the few Urological practices in the world entirely committed to prosthetic and reconstructive urological procedures including the penile implant. We are extremely confident of our results and proud of our success. It is impossible for us, therefore, to recommend another, less experienced surgeon closer to one’s home.

With the Internal Pump procedure (penile implant), only a handful of physicians in the world currently have the level of experience we have, and you may not achieve the same penile implant results or outcome as AUC’s patients if you choose to have the procedure performed by lesser-experienced individuals. The IPP, artificial urethral sphincter or sling procedure works best if it is done well the first time. All subsequent revisions give a less than desirable outcome due to the formation of scar tissue, shortening of penis, and areas of numbness. We strongly recommend that you have this procedure performed by the most experienced doctor.

Dr. Eid’s background, education, training, credentials and specialty

J. Francois Eid, MD is a board-certified urologist focused on the treatment of advanced erectile dysfunction, specializing in penile implant surgery. One of New York’s leading penile prosthesis surgeons, Dr. Eid is a graduate of Brown University and Cornell University. Currently, Dr. Eid is the director of Advanced Urological Care in NYC. As a urologist, Dr. Eid also treats urinary incontinence after prostate cancer.

Surgical expertise and surgeon volume

Dr. Eid performs more than 300 penile implant surgeries each year. Urologists at other healthcare institutions and large hospitals typically perform less than three per year. It is important to choose a surgeon with a high volume of penile implants, not a center with cumulative procedure volume across many, less specialized surgeons. Additionally, large hospitals that specialize in cancer treatment, such as prostate cancer, may be reluctant to focus on ED and penile prosthesis surgery as it may reflect negatively on the results of their prostatectomy surgeries.

According to the most recent US News and world report, America’s best hospital issue, prosthetic operations must be carried out only in a facility where it becomes routine. Dr. Eid performs more inflatable penile prosthesis than any other urologist in the nation and also routinely performs urethral slings and sphincters. Practice makes perfect outcome. Practice is essential to achieve long-term progress and success. So, if you suffer from urinary or erectile dysfunction call Advanced Urological Care. Dr. Eid the specialist in urological prosthetic reconstruction and repair of failed procedures.

The Benefits of Seeing a Penile Implant Specialist

In this video I describe in detail the points that penile implant specialists agree are important in optimizing the outcome and obtaining an excellent result.Experienced Operating Room Staff

An often overlooked advantage that AUC benefits from is that by bringing a high volume of the same penile procedure (in this case, penile and urethral prosthesis) to an institution or surgery center, the OR staff, anesthesiologist and nurses managing and caring for men undergoing the penile implant procedure also become very experienced. This allows for a significant decrease in surgical time which in it of itself reduces the risk of infection.

Surgical Instruments

Because of a large number of penile prosthesis performed by Dr. Eid, the OR staff found it cost-effective to provide him with specific instruments that are only used for the internal penile pump (IPP) procedure. At our institutions, Dr. Eid and the OR staff have created six dedicated IPP surgical instrument trays that are only used once on a given day before being sent back to central sterilization. Our instruments are not re-sterilized by the OR staff, in-between cases, in the OR autoclave, and of course never used for other minor urological procedures such as circumcisions. This would not be the case in an institution where this procedure is not performed often.

Finally, a very large inventory of every brand and custom size of penile prosthesis is always available for every case and therefore we do not compromise on the pump size (by adding rear tip extenders) or types of penile device based on availability, or rely on the delivery of a specific brand of penile implant by a company representative at the time of the penile implant procedure. We pick the prosthesis that will serve the patient the best and are not obligated to use the brand that was delivered by the representative that day.


Dr. Eid focuses on innovation, such as the invention of the No-Touch Technique and a commitment to patient safety and progress. The surgery is performed through the smallest incision in the world, without touching skin. This results in the best cosmetic result with complete concealment of the device component and the lowest penile infection rate in the world. Dr. Eid also has the lowest penile re-operation rate for revisions and or replacements. Modern instruments, like the proximal insertion tool, designed and patented by Dr. Eid – now included in every penile implant accessory kit supplied by American Medical Systems – are additional reasons why one should consider our services.

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