Most patients will begin cycling (INFLATING/DEFLATING) the penile implant between the 4th and 6th post-operative week. Only begin inflating the penile implant if you are 100% sure that you will be able to deflate it. To ascertain that you will be able to deflate the penile implant, make sure that the deflation footprint of the penile pump is manually recognizable and readily palpable. Soaking in a hot bath may facilitate this. If the swelling is present and you are not sure that you can feel and distinguish all of the different components of the pump you should wait another two weeks before attempting penile pump inflation.It is normal to experience pain in the shaft of the penis and for it to be sore during the first two weeks of inflation. For this reason, we recommend that you take two Tylenol with codeine, wait 30 minutes and get into a very hot bath tub for 15 minutes before you begin to squeeze the penile pump.

Instructions for Inflating Your Penile Implant

In order to switch the penile pump into the inflating mode, you need to initially give vigorous and rapid squeeze to the bulb. You should feel a gentle tug and all subsequent inflations should not require as much force as the initial one.

Anywhere from 10 to 60 squeezes may be required to fully inflate the penile implant cylinders. The larger the penile cylinder the more fluid will be needed to achieve penile firmness, the more times the pump will need to be squeezed. You cannot damage the penile pump or over inflate the cylinders, so squeeze it several times until it becomes as hard as a marble.

At this point rock the shaft of the penis from side to side and up and down and squeeze the penile pump again a few times until the shaft of the penis becomes very firm. You should be able to squeeze it three to six more times. All cylinder folds and ridges should completely disappear and the shaft of the penis should be rock hard when the penle implant is fully inflated.


  • The majority of patients are unable to inflate the penile device fully during the first month of use.
  • Once the penile implant is inflated keep the erection up for 15 minutes or more and then deflate it completely.
  • Perform this maneuver every day for the first 2 to 4 weeks after learning how to use the penile pump or until the penis is no longer sore when fully inflated.

Inflating Penile Implant

Deflating Penile Implant

Inflation and Deflation of Penile Prosthesis after Penile Implant Surgery

Dr. Eid shows a patient inflating and deflating his penile implant.

It is very important to fully deflate the penile implant cylinders for two important reasons:

  • The first is to maintain the reservoir at full capacity and prevent the formation of scar tissue over a partially filled reservoir. If this occurs the implant cylinders will no longer be able to be fully deflated and a partial permanent erection will always be present. This will also lead to the complaint of “auto-inflation” of the penile device as you become more proficient at deflation later on.
  • The second is to prevent atrophy of the overlying flesh and glans of the penis that surround the penile prosthesis cylinders. If atrophy occurs, the scar tissue capsule that surrounds the implant cylinders will become loose over time and the shaft of the penis will feel less rigid when the cylinders are inflated. The glans will shrink and the tip of the implant cylinders will be more noticeable. In order to fully deflate the penile cylinders please squeeze the shaft of the penis with one hand while the other activates the deflation footprint of the penile pump. Repeat these maneuvers three times or until you are satisfied that the implant cylinders are flat and loose inside the shaft of the penis.

We recommend that you inflate your penile implant every day for the first month until the pump becomes more compliant and you become very comfortable with its function. If you encounter any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Eid.


Detailed Inflating Instructions