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Advanced Urological Care PC

J Francois Eid, MD

Erectile Dysfunction Specialist located in Upper East Side, New York, NY

116 total reviews

Dr. J Francois Eid always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 116 reviews with an average rating of 4.85 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. J Eid below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Naum B.
Submitted 02/11/20
Best doctor,very knowledgeable 5star
Steven D.
Submitted 02/09/20
Informative. Obvious many years of experience. Awaiting a great outcome!
Emanuel Z.
Submitted 02/06/20
Very good and professional
Joel E.
Submitted 01/31/20
Dr Eid is kind, patient, understanding and considerate of those he works with. His expertise puts him in a class by himself. He changed my life as well as the lives of many others. I HIGHLY recommend him if you are in need of a urologist and want to work with the best.
Steven D.
Submitted 01/26/20
Listens, intelligent, resourceful.
Bradley B.
Submitted 01/11/20
From the first phone call to getting a surgery date has gone so smoothly thanks to Doctor Eids wonderful staff. Appointment with Dr Eid was great. I learned so much in such a little amount of time. Not once have I ever felt rushed by anyone in this practice. Everything you would expect from a world class Surgeon and his staff.
Mark N.
Submitted 01/09/20
After years of trying everything to revitalize my failing penis, at age 63 I decided to get an implant. By this point I was depressed, defeated, and desperate. I am a healthy man, quit smoking 25 years ago, don’t drink, exercise regularly, and take my BP and statin meds. I couldn't understand why this one part of my body (the most important part!) refused to work right. Here is my story: I started using Viagra in my mid-40's, after my divorce, to guarantee a confident powerful erection when I re-entered the dating world. After a few years (and re-marriage to an extremely hot woman!), it became apparent that I needed it even just to maintain an erection; but that was OK, I was middle-aged, and who doesn't need some help at that age? By my mid-50's, I was using a LOT of Viagra, up to 150-200 mg to stay hard. It gave me headaches and heartburn, but these were manageable with OTC meds, and a small price to pay to keep "Mr. Happy" happy. I saw a urologist who said that the higher doses were OK. I had no problems with my libido, but he checked my testosterone levels. They were low, and I started Androgel. I felt better, I got more muscular at the gym, but it didn't really improve my sex life. After a few more years, all that Viagra was getting expensive (even with ordering it from Canada), and I was still suffering failures to finish. I tried adding arginine and herbal supplements to no avail. Eventually I saw a sexual medicine specialist at Johns Hopkins and started Trimix injections. Injecting was no fun, but it worked! But, just like the pills, after a few years it started to lose effectiveness. The higher the dose, the more my penis HURT (some men are sensitive to the PGE inhibitor and I am one of them). I went for the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections—that REALLY hurt—and the electro shock-wave therapy--not as painful as it sounds, but still no picnic--at a cost of thousands of dollars. That didn’t really help. So for several years I fooled around and titrated the pills and the shots to maximize lift and minimize side effects. All of this took planning and timing and was becoming more work and less fun. The final straw was a weekend in NYC on my wife's birthday, when I injected wrong. I got a lumpy painful bruised penis that did not get hard, and I could not satisfy her. “Mr. Happy” was now “Mr. Unhappy”. I was only 63 and not ready for celibacy, so out of desperation I started to research penile implants. I live in Philadelphia and there are doctors here who perform the surgery; but when I looked at the Coloplast website I saw that Dr. Eid is the undisputed King of Implants in the USA. His website was exhaustive and I liked his unique "No-touch" and "one incision" techniques. I made an appointment and took the Amtrak into NYC. He has an unassuming office (no fancy fish tanks, video screens, or designer furniture) and a wonderful friendly staff. While I waited, I looked through the folder of testimonials on his desk. I almost cried--all their stories, their frustrations--they all reminded me of.... me! And they all thanked him for “giving me back my life”. Dr. Eid came in and we talked at length, no rush, no attitude. He did a penile Doppler and said I had a "venous leak". That's why all the meds designed to increase blood flow weren't working. There's nothing wrong with my blood flow in--it just won't STAY in. It's not something I did by smoking, or eating too many burgers and fries--it just is what it is. And Dr. Eid told me that after the implant, everything will feel the same as it did before. He was calm and confident, and I trusted him. I will say right up front that the surgery was no fun. My scrotum was swollen, the catheter was uncomfortable, but the pain was tolerable with meds. I stayed flat on my back at a hotel in NYC for two days, and then at home for three more. I followed the post-op instructions to the letter with hot soaks and pumping up through the pain. Finally, after about a month, we took the now-newly-named “Mr. Titan” out for a date! Although still a little tender, he worked GREAT! And it felt GREAT! But Dr. Eid was wrong—it felt BETTER than it did before. No injection pain, no headache, and no worries whether he’ll stay up. Now I can fully focus on “the motion” instead of “the meat”. My wife is very happy! We have no complaints about the penis size or girth. And—he’s ready when you are! I have only two regrets: 1) that I waited so long and put up with so much discomfort and frustration over the years; and 2) that my penis at rest is much larger than before, so I had to buy all new underwear to fit my big dick. What a problem! I don’t like boxers, so after trial-and-error I recommend “Obviously” brand. They’re from Australia, but you can find them on Amazon. Lastly—my insurance did not cover it, so it ended up costing me around $25,000. But, seriously—Best Investment EVER! I am rejuvenated! THANK YOU Dr. Eid for “giving me back my life”!! Gratefully, Mark
Ken G.
Submitted 01/07/20
Dr. Eid is in fact a world class doctor: professional, kind, patient and a good educator and listener!
William R.
Submitted 01/01/20
Dr EID did a great job with my surgery and I feel 20yrs younger lol!!!
Anthony W.
Submitted 12/17/19
So far I have only one visit with Dr Eid. I liked him from the beginning just by his simple hello. He is extremely good at listening and imparts his knowledge of Urology like a seasoned gentleman of his profession. Now that I have a better understanding of the reason for my ED and the approach he has in mind, I look forward to my next visit
Bruno C.
Submitted 12/17/19
Anthony F.
Submitted 12/16/19
The experience was great
Dante F.
Submitted 12/12/19
Mozart S.
Submitted 12/12/19
Very satisfied with the visit, nurses and doctors were professional n nice,
Daniel W.
Submitted 12/11/19
I had a Video consultation with Dr.Eid , he was friendly and informative and I never felt as if he was pressured for time !! Il be out next year for a follow up !!
John M.
Submitted 12/11/19
I’m a 70-year-old married man who had a radical prostatectomy 12 years ago and since then have been struggling with ED. I had been reluctant even to consider a penile implant, but recently decided to explore the possibility. My wife accompanied me on my visit to Dr. Eid since it concerns the both of us. Dr. Eid explained the procedure comprehensively, understandably and empathetically. He discussed the pros and cons, answered all of our questions forthrightly, and made us feel very comfortable. Very impressive and reassuring.
Ishmael C.
Submitted 12/10/19
Doctor E is the coolest understanding caring doctor there is he understands his patient needs
Francis C.
Submitted 12/10/19
I learned about what was the likely cause of my problem.
Ronald R.
Submitted 12/09/19
Always five star. Dr Eid is a fabulous doctor. Very knowledgeable, kind and takes his time to explain everything
Sang K.
Submitted 12/08/19
Very good.