Candidates for the Internal Penile Pump™

The Internal Penile Prosthesis Pump™ enables men who suffer from severe erectile dysfunction to resume a normal spontaneous sex life.

Excellent candidates are men who have:

Candidate for penile implant

Sexually motivated and active men who have had treatments for:

Men who have vascular disease from:

All men who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to a physical problem and who do not respond, tolerate or are tired of taking medications are excellent candidates for the internal penile pump.

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A patient who's spent his career on camera tells how Dr. Eid changed his life

A well-known journalist, Benno Schmidt, talks about his struggle with erectile dysfunction and how he treated his ED with a penile implant. Schmidt, who tried a variety of ED treatments, from oral medications to penile injections, finally arrived at having a penile implant. Watch to hear what he has to say about the implant procedure.