Penis with a Penile Implant

Dr. Eid’s philosophy behind the cosmetic penile implant is based on the fact that all men with a penile implant want to look and feel normal. In addition, all men wish to have a good looking penis, which points upward when erect.

Penile Implant prosthesis - illustration

The bottom line: No one needs to know that a penile implant is inside the penis except for the bearer himself! Please see pictures of implanted patients in the Photo Gallery section of the website.  
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Penile Implant Surgery: Objectives and Strategy

World-renowned urologist Dr. J. Francois Eid talks about his objectives and strategy when placing a penile implant (penis pump) for erectile dysfunction.

By abiding by a series of surgical principles, Dr. Eid has developed the Cosmetic Penile Implant.

These principles include: 

Meticulous attention to detail and precise minimal dissection are Dr. Eid’s main objectives in developing the cosmetic penile implant technique.

Patients with Penile Implants