Talking to a doctor about a penile implant procedure might feel uncomfortable. However, if you’re speaking with an expert, you can relax. ( There’s a big difference in having a general urologist talk about your options compared to speaking with an expert who performs more than 300 implants every year.

Dr. J. Francois Eid at Advanced Urological Care is the kind and implant expert you should speak with. Our highly skilled and discreet team of professionals understands the importance of your comfort, which is why you’ll learn all about Dr. Eid’s innovative No-Touch technique when discussing penile implant options.

Why is it so important to discuss these sensitive topics with an expert? We’ll tell you. First, you need to understand the difference between Dr. Eid, a penile implant specialist, and your general urologist. Both are experts in their field, but each has a slightly different focus and approach.

What does a general urologist do?

A general urologist specializes in diseases of the male reproductive system and urinary tract. Typically they diagnose and treat urinary tract infections, inflammation of the kidney or pelvis, kidney stones, and erectile dysfunction. They also provide preventive medical examinations for prostate cancer.

Some general urologists narrow their focus further, focusing on infertility, cancer, sexual health, kidney stones, or even reconstructive urology. Men, women, or children may all see a urologist for various issues like bedwetting, pregnancy incontinence, enlarged prostate, or pelvic organ prolapse. Even in specific medical niches, a general urologist has a wide area of expertise and spends less time focusing on a particular disorder.

What does a penile implant specialist do?

A penile implant procedure is a very delicate process that requires the additional expertise of a skilled surgeon like Dr. Eid who performs more than 300 of these surgeries every year. In fact, as a specialist in urological prosthetic reconstruction, Dr. Eid has performed over 7000 penile implant surgeries over the last 31 years. “We operate as one” says Dr. Eid for the benefit of the patient. When a procedure is performed in high volume, a team of dedicated staff members is permanently created. The team becomes proficient which is a force multiplier to ensure a successful implant and uneventful recovery.

So what are the tangible benefits of having the procedure by a specialist: better and precise pre-operative care and instructions, quicker smoother surgery, smaller incision, less postoperative swelling and pain, much less risk of infection which requires removal of the implant, less risk of nerve injury which makes the penis numb, quicker recovery, better result with larger and wider firmer erection, better concealment of pump, better overall cosmetic result, quicker activation of device (3 days). Quicker resolution of pain and discomfort results in quicker return to sexual activity as early as 3 weeks after the surgery.

A penile implant specialist is an expert in minimally invasive incisions and provides the best concealment of device components. You look and fell more natural. Men who have this procedure have overwhelmingly positive things to say about Dr. Eid and their penile implants. There are very few specialists who have the experience he offers.

Additionally, Dr. Eid and his staff use specialized medical equipment and instruments and perform procedures using cutting-edge technology. Most urologists and other operating rooms don’t have or maintain these unique, dedicated tools.

Having a penile implant procedure by a less experienced surgeon can leave you with inferior, disappointing results. An implant always works best if it’s done well the first time. Each time a surgeon has to revise a procedure, the outcome is less than desirable, leaving you with extra scar tissue, areas of numbness, and a shortening of the penis. That’s why you should only consider undergoing this precise procedure with an expert at the wheel. After all you only have one penis!

Call on an expert

Having a penile implant procedure is a major decision, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. That means you should only trust the best in the business, Dr. Eid, at Advanced Urological Care.

To discuss your options with Dr. Eid, call our office at 212-535-6690, or schedule a virtual visit to speak to an expert without leaving home. You can even talk with an implant patient to get unbiased answers from someone who’s already had the procedure.

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