Careful and specific postoperative care is important to obtain a good outcome. The penile implant patient is instructed to stay flat on his back as much as possible for the first 3 postoperative days. He is warned against sitting on the scrotum for the first two days to avoid pushing the pump up. We further instruct the patient to keep the penis straight and up, towards the umbilicus until inflation of the penile device is started. This is started only when it becomes possible for the patient to easily deflate the penile prosthesis, typically between the fourth and eighth week postoperatively. For some patients, this can be as soon as 2 weeks, if dissection was kept to a minimum and good hemostasis was obtained.


Once the patient is able to inflate and deflate the penile device, he is asked to do it every day or every other day during the warm baths, until he feels completely comfortable with the process and no discomfort is felt in the shaft of the penis. We suggest a minimum of 1 postoperative instructional visit, but some patients come back as many as 3 times before they feel entirely comfortable with their prosthesis.

Dr. J. Francois Eid Narrates No-Touch Technique Penile Implant Procedure

Dr. Eid narrates his own No-Touch Technique penile implant procedure for erectile dysfunction patients. The graphic video describes the techniques step-by-step, including penile implant placement and scrotum pump placement. Patients are provided with a catheter and sent home the same day for recovery.