Patient Testimonials

William M., NY

Dr. Eid and Staff

Staff: Thank you for your professionalism, your courtesy and consistent diligence. You all are an example of solid teamwork.

Sylvia: Thank you for your professionalism. Thanks for your comforting reassurance that I would be just fine. Thank you for your help in keeping me positive as I consistently doubted my own ability to operate my device. You’re a blessing to the patients there.

Dr. Eid: From the first look at your site online I knew you were the right choice for the procedure. Thank you for your enthusiasm, thank you for your unwavering confidence in your ability and experience, thank you for steadfast reassurance and direction toward operating the implant. I cannot thank the whole team enough to express my gratitude. I feel like I just graduated high school or something… haha. I have gained much relief and the feeling of freedom from the experience.

Sincerely …love to all

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