Patient Testimonials


I first met Dr. Eid in September of 2016 almost a year after I had undergone my first penile implant with another doctor. The results of the first procedure were a vast improvement over what I had been experiencing prior to it i.e. severe E.D. and Peyronies disease. However, that notwithstanding, several months after not being fully satisfied with the results of the first implant, achieving hardness but not good rigidity, it was good but I wanted better, I did some research on the internet as to possible causes. I found Dr. Eid’s website which offered a free consultation via email. I stated my reservations with my then current implant and he responded very promptly with a very reasonable explanation for my “problem”. Not relishing the thought of undergoing surgery once again and being out of work for 2 weeks, I put off taking any further steps. In august of 2016 I once again corresponded via email with Dr Eid who showed a great amount of patience for my once again asked questions and indicated that my dissatisfaction could be the results of the use of rear tip extenders in my then current implant. I acquired the medical report of my first procedure and determined that in fact a 3cm rear tip extender was used with an 18cm Coloplast penile implant. After being reassured once again via email that a reconstruction would have a much shorter recuperation period I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Eid.

After the consultation it was clear to me that Dr. Eid thoroughly understood the penile implants in general and the Coloplast Titan OTR implants in particular its strengths and limitations. It was also clear that Dr. Eid had a very pleasant demeanor and a good sense of humor. No airs here. After discussing the particulars of my case Dr. Eid decided that a replacement of my current 18cm Coloplast Titan OTR with either a 20cm or 22 cm Coloplast Titan OTR. Being very up front with me Dr. Eid told me that while he might not be able to give the full rigidity that I was looking for he could definitely improve on what I currently experiencing and that he would move the tubing from its then current front visible and palpable position to a non-visible non-palpable location and the pump from the front of the scrotum to a more posterior position within the scrotum.

Throughout the time when I was in contact with Dr. Eid office the staff was knowledgeable, helpful, accommodating and most important always very pleasant. After weighing the pros and cons and discussing them with my spouse I asked the office to schedule me for the procedure. Initially in addition to the regular medical clearance test there were some tests Dr. Eid normally required but In the end decided that in my particular case they were not required.

On the day of the procedure I needed to be at the hospital (Lenox Hill) by 6AM as I was the first procedure of the day. Pre op Dr. Eid came to the pre op section to speak with me and my wife and introduced us to his staff and his anesthesiologist. I remember going In to the OR but remember very little after that until I woke in recovery. The procedure took place on a Wednesday morning and I was back at home mid-afternoon the same day. I went home with a catheter which I was able to remove after a few days. There definitely was some pain and discomfort for a few days a lot of which was caused by the catheter. Once the catheter was removed I moved on from the heavy duty pain killers to Advil. I was back at work on the following Tuesday although on a somewhat limited schedule.

During the initial recovery period at home the nurses in the offices called to inquire about my comfort and/or pain level and any questions I had they referred to Dr. Eid who if I requested it either called emailed or texted me. I was also given Dr. Eid’s cell phone number with my discharge instructions and was told not to hesitate to use it should the need arise such as over a weekend when the office was closed. Dr. Eid did respond to me via text messages when I sent him a text message.

In subsequent scheduled follow up visit Dr. Eid maintained his warm, friendly and of course professional demeanor and answered all questions in a good natured way.

All in all I would rate the experience very positively (to the extent that any surgery could be rated positively) and would highly recommend Dr. Eid for this particular procedure. Kudos also the staff that I had contact with Janice, Ruby and Sylvia.


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