Patient Testimonials

Ralph K, MD

A while ago, I was sitting in this office in the same position as you. I am writing this letter to help by sharing some of my thoughts and personal experiences as an implant patient.

As background, I am a well-respected middle-aged physician, who has made it to the elected position of “Chief of Staff” at a significant hospital in California. I extensively researched the implant procedure and implant surgeons for several months before scheduling my surgery. This included consultations with a number of talented surgeons on both the east and west coasts. It became clear to me that Dr. Eid is the “King” of implant surgeons. With over 5000 implant operations, he has all the experience to expertly perform this surgery. I traveled 6 hours by plane from California twice. The first time was to undergo the pre-surgical testing and to fully assess Dr. Eid. I was quite impressed by his technical skills and by his skilled approach to meticulous pre-op care, operative care, and postoperative care. In fact, as a fellow physician, he invited me to watch one of his surgeries using the no-touch technique that minimizes the chance of infection. His office staff is solidly experienced with implant patients, and they will be a helpful resource to you. The hospitals where he practices are first rate New York City institutions.

Personally, I am extremely pleased with my implant. His expert use of the No-Touch Technique is unique. I healed extremely quickly with great results. My pump is perfectly positioned in a spot behind my testicles where it can’t be seen or felt during lovemaking, but yet it is easily accessible to my trained hands. No tubes are palpable, the cylinders are totally smooth, and they are perfectly sized. It is this “cosmetic implant result” that has made me a particularly happy patient.

If you are a serious candidate for surgery, then you will receive a list of 50 patients with implants. I called many of them and learned how delighted they were with their implant and with their surgical outcome. This can be a useful resource to you as you work through the emotional turmoil of taking the “nuclear option” of allowing an implant to be installed; it is like having a support network of men who have gone through exactly what you are facing.

Penile implant surgery is not for the faint of heart. Personally, I sailed through the surgery, and I returned to work doing minor surgical procedures on my patients two weeks after surgery. The surgery gave me back my manhood, and it is true that I am now completely cured of any erectile dysfunction. With my identity and manhood restored, my general outlook on life has greatly improved.

I had the luxury and resources to find and chose the best implant surgeon in the world. Today, I am a happier person with a restored feeling of “Joie de vivre”.

I wish you all of the best of luck.

Ralph K, MD

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