Patient Testimonials

John T. New York

Dr. Eid and his entire team are wonderfully skilled and caring people. If I’d known beforehand how capable and kind they all are it wouldn’t have taken me 2 years to decide to go through the pre-op steps and the operation. I missed some very pleasant years by postponing the process as long as I did because of various fears. One fear was the penile injection which turned out to be totally comfortable. Another issue I had that held me back for those 2 years was an intense fear of getting the injection for regional anesthesia before the operation. Dr. Eid told me that I could have general anesthesia instead but that for this type of surgery it is better to have regional. When the day of the operation arrived I suddenly got the courage to go with regional anesthesia since it would be better for me. I’m so pleased that I made that decision. It turned out I didn’t feel the injection at all. I’m still surprised by that. If any others have a fear about receiving regional anesthesia I hope this helps put your mind at ease. As for the amazing results, within a month and a half after the operation everything was up and running which felt almost unbelievable. Before the procedure I felt very uncomfortable when dating because of the inability to have an erection. I was always worried what I would say when the moment arrived for “romance”. Now those fears have vanished completely and the only concern I have is selecting the best restaurant for a romantic evening. Thanks to everyone in Dr. Eid’s office and especially to the brilliant work of the doctor himself.

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