Patient Testimonials


Dr. Eid,

Difficult as it is for me to believe, it's been a year since the implant procedure. Less difficult to believe, however, is that everything you said would happen has come to pass. I had intended to schedule myself into NYC for a one-year check-up but my life is so normal, it really slipped my mind until this past weekend.

Let me speak to "normal" for a moment, as I know anyone reading your testimonial binder wants some assurance that "normal" is at least on the horizon again. In no particular order:

a) I really do not know "it" is there. Obviously "it" includes all three components: the inflatable cylinders, the pump/release, and the reservoir. The cylinders do not in any way obstruct movement of my penis and it feels as normal as it ever did. The pump/release in my scrotum is unnoticeable to the naked eye (by the time that is an issue, everyone's naked anyway). And while the reservoir does create a small "bump" in my abdomen, that was expected given the prostatectomy, but it has no impact on any activities – whatsoever.

b) The horror stories on the web about glans flattening or otherwise becoming misshapen is not an issue for me.

c) None of the implanted tubing is noticeable and I can feel none of it.

d) I have lost no sensation in my penis – and to be perfectly frank, I've actually acquired 100% more since I'm now having sex again!

e) Everything looks exactly as it did before, so my wife doesn't conjure up images of Frankenstein during moments of intimacy.

f) Speaking of "moments" – those days are gone. Please direct all your patients to this paragraph as it is the money shot: this implant creates an erection which far surpasses anything that occurs in nature both in terms of hardness and duration. It goes up when you want, you can hang your pants on it and it doesn't go down until you release it. That may not be the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, but J.D. Powers would take it.

g) As you promised, I did not gain length (nor lost any), but – as you promised – I did gain girth, so hugs and kisses from my wife.

I don't know what kind of mileage this thing gets, but right now we're getting two times to the week.

And the best news is this: I'm turning 68 at the end of this month, as is my wife. We're coming in on 48 years of marriage – to each other; we should both have died of boredom by now. Virtually all our friends are looking at their best times in the rear view mirror – one of whom said, "You guys always look so happy. What's your secret?" We're not sure which would be more fun – just keep smiling or tell them!

You did not save my life from prostate cancer; the Knight Cancer Institute of Portland, Oregon did that. But you made it worth living again. And in the order crescendi of the human condition, it is the quality of life we pursue over all else.

I would not hesitate to have this procedure again. I highly recommend this procedure to any man with chronic ED, as it is the only permanent, reliable and restorative solution available.

It would be remiss, and somewhat cowardly, if I closed without offering a new motto for any marketing you might consider: "Don't let anyone except your wife and Dr. Eid touch your dick.” It may not translate well into other languages, but the sentiment is there.

With great admiration, respect, and boundless gratitude,

- J. A.

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