Patient Testimonials


Dear Dr. Eid,

I am writing to think you for accepting me as a patient and for performing my prostate penile implant surgery on August 1, 2012 at Lenox Hill Hospital. All of the nice, beautiful and eloquent words in the English language are simply not sufficient to express my most profound gratitude for what you have done for me as well as my wife.

The surgery which you performed is beyond being a masterpiece. It is an fact celestial. When I first observed the results of the surgery I could not believe my eyes. My penis not only looked normal again, it was actually bigger that before my prostate cancer surgery. The girth of my penis is absolutely incredible!

Even the color of the skin looks for beautiful and pink again. I experienced no bruising and after the third day I did not even require any more pain medication for the initial discomfort following the surgery. I cannot even detect the surgical scar and neither can my wife. The post-operative recovery was excellent. I followed all of your pre and post-operative instructions down to the last detail.

Of equal importance is the fact that immediately following the surgery and to date, 24 days now, I have not had to use any urinary incontinence pads. Prior to the implant surgery I was using 2-3 pads per day. My penis looks absolutely beautiful now and both my wife and I are simply in awe of what you have done for us. She even told me that I look and I quote her, “delicious”!

From my first visit with you I knew immediately that you are one of the greatest physicians, surgeons and scientists of all time. You are also a most special, very beautiful and compassionate human being. I was very nervous and concerned because of my diabetes, high blood pressure and other medical issues which I believed would disqualify me from having the implant surgery, but in your hands all of these health issues were more that adequately addressed.

Your excellent sense of humor was medicine to my soul as it immediately put to rest my concerns which I may have had. You are easy to talk with and you truly cared about me. Even in the O.R. you were concerned about my bad back and about positioning me on the O.R. table so as not to cause me any discomfort. Additionally, I was treated in the most excellent way by everyone in your office as well as by your entire and excellent surgical staff.

My biggest fear is being catheterized as well as having the procedure which involves utilizing the scope to check my bladder. In your office both of these procedures were absolutely painless much to my relief and surprise.

I thank God every day that I found your website Dr. Eid. I had struggled with erectile dysfunction for many years even before I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and in what seems like the blink of an eye to me, erectile dysfunction is now a thing of the past in my life.

You so beautifully restored much more than what prostate cancer took from me Dr. Eid. What a blessing, honor as well as a privilege it is to have such a brilliant and world renowned surgeon as my doctor. Your beautiful spirit is just as brilliant as your beautiful mind Dr. Eid and your hands are the hands of God. I would like to give a special thanks to your excellent surgical staff, to Ruby, Janice, and David and to Sylvia who were also extremely kind to me.

Please forgive me for writing such a long letter Dr. Eid. I simply needed to say thank you for restoring my life to me.

God Bless you and everyone that you love forever Dr. Eid.

We are forever in your debt.


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