Patient Testimonials

DP, New York - May 15, 2014

Dear Dr. Eid, 

Thank you seems woefully inadequate but I want you to know I say it with the most heartfelt and deepest sincerity. Just over two years ago, after enjoying 28 years of carefree sex with my beautiful wife, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and overnight, at the age of 54, I lost my ability to have an erection forever. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to the surgeon who performed my radical prostatectomy - in retrospect, he saved my life. But, after 20 months of disciplined (perhaps obsessive) penile rehab (PDES inhibitors, pumps, injections, traction, etc.), I realized I had hit the end of the road. My erections were never coming back. I only had one option left: the implantable penile prosthesis. 

As an ER nurse at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, I've seen my fair share of penile implant surgeries gone wrong. I was determined to research and find the best surgeon possible in an attempt to prevent these types of disasters from happening to me - and that research led me to you.! was not disappointed. 

I followed your instructions precisely, and my recovery was rapid. Quite a bit of discomfort for the first 72 hours, easily controlled by the pain meds you prescribed. Taking out the Foley catheter (which was uncomfortable but painless) on day 3 and unwrapping my "enhanced" penis was a turning point. By the end of the first week I was experiencing only soreness and discomfort. I never had any significant swelling or bruising, the warm baths definitely helped a lot. Eleven days after surgery, I was inflating and deflating my new prosthesis. As I write this, I am one month post-op, and I'm happy to report I'm completely functional, and exactly the same size I was before surgery with injection induced erections, at least before they stopped working. To help my penis adapt to the device, I pump it up twice a day, which is quite easy. My wife says it feels completely normal erect, and while there is still some discomfort when pumping "to the max," orgasms are not a problem. Although I have been completely continent in my daily life since six months post RP, I continued to struggle with climacturia and minor leakage at the gym. I am happy to report that I am noticing significant, noticeable improvement in both these areas after your penile implant surgery. Bravo and well done! 

When I was researching this procedure, I came across an interview with you where you talked about (I'm paraphrasing here) how permanent erectile dysfunction becomes something a man can never escape, how it can occupy his mind obsessively. And how treating this dysfunction surgically is no different than restoring function to any other impaired organ. Reading this, I thought "this man understands what I'm going through, he truly gets it." You are the rarest of elite surgeons Dr. Eid, one who can understand and truly empathize with his patients. I am grateful to have met you... 

Oh, and by the way - thank you for giving me life back! And please thank Ruby and Myra for their sensitive and professional support. They always made me feel comfortable and confident that my outcome would be good. 

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