Patient Testimonials


AHi Dr. Eid, 

First day back home and in the bath. No painkillers since day 5 post op, Went from 0 to 4 straight pumps. Used two thumbs in each other and index fingers supporting the back and 4th finger to hold the valve just for more stability. Within 4 folds I started losing the ridges or overlaps that can be felt with a deflated penis. I could get 4 more pumps where it got just barely inconvenient to pump more and decided to call it more than enough progress for the first day. I feel I pumped up to about 60-75% of total capacity. Even so It was completely straight and quite hard. Un bendable. Seemed longer already than the flaccid penis at our first consultation. I understand from other patients that both length and girth increase as recovery progresses. I stood up to check the angle etc, everything seems great standing up and even now at this much a pump it points to 3.30. I am not 100% sure if I get maximum deflation though, inside the bath and at the point of deflation it becomes quite small, but I fell over time it fills up by 10% or so. 

 I am very VERY happy with my progress and recovery already and happier still that it seems even just from 75% that everything seems incredibly good enough for use. Thank you Dr Eid. Hope you and the procedure team are well!

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