Patient Testimonials

Thank you for the many years of care.

Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel

It's been over a year since my surgery, and with the new year, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the result. In a very real way, you have changed my life. Besides your technical skill, your compassion and friendly manner make you a surgeon we can all emulate.

K. K., New York

A simple word of appreciation for what you've done is certainly inadequate, but I assure you this comes from the depths of my heart: Thank you for making me feel whole again!

J. L. Z., New Jersey

Just a word of thanks to you and your wonderful staff. Everyone was pleasant and very helpful to me. The operation was a big success. I am doing very well. I would like to have my name put on your Penile Prosthesis list. I would be more than happy to mention how successful the operation was and all the positives. Thank you very much.

J. H., New York

Your surgical skills and knowledge have allowed me to enjoy a much higher quality of life than I ever expected after my prostatectomy. Thank you for being my urologist.

J. B.

This was no simple prosthesis you did for me this was a miracle, a life-saving operation. I am a new man, emotionally, physically, renewed energy - everything! You brought me back to life, I could not be more grateful.


Both the penile implant and the urinary sphincter are functioning properly. It was such a relief to go on vacation without having to worry about did I bring enough change of clothes and enough Depend products. It is also a relief to do things with my family without worrying where a bathroom is located. I hope you and your staff and your respective families are enjoying the summer! On behalf of my family, thank you very much!!

D. A. and Family, New York

Thank you very much for your kindness @nd scientific knowledge. A real champion!

C. M., New Jersey

Dear Dr. Eid, Words cannot express how I feel after the implant. You both saved and changed my life! You and your wonderful staff made the process easy, and at times, even fun! Please let me help future patients with any info re: my experiences, and I would be happy to speak with anyone who needs support. You have may my golden years solid gold!

B.J., New Jersey

Life is great in the Alps and I thank you for your considerable contribution! My wife thanks you too!

R. Chamonix, France

Hey doc, how are you? This is one of your recent patientс. I don't know if you remember me because it's been 3 years now. I just want to thank you with all my heart for giving me a chance of life. I am so happy right now because I'm engaged to a lovely woman and have a 2 year old son. I literally couldn't have achieved this without your help. Thank you again and God bless you.

S.B., New York

Hello Dr. Eid. Again, I would like to thank you very much for making my husband a new man. I feel like I'm having an affair. Actually, I don't even think he was this good before. Anyway, I am very very happy and he's very happy and I just want to thank you so much. I think you're a miracle worker. I think a lot of marriages could be saved because of this and I think it's a wonderful thing. I'm very happy and I thank you again. If I can afford, I will send you a basket of fruit and candy at this time I can't but one day you will be surprised and I will send something. Again, thank you so much.

Mrs. R.A.; New York

Dear Doctor Eid: I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and all is well with your family and your practice. On August 15th I celebrated 75 years of life. I also had a wonderful sexual encounter and I wanted to say "Thank You" for giving me a new lease on life. My implant surgery was performed on June of 2005 and my only regret is that I did not have it done immediately after my prostate surgery. Prostate removal changes a man's life in a negative way. Your expertise and the implant procedure you have perfected make a man feel like a human being again. As you have said so many times, the procedure makes a man feel normal. Gratitude is a great gift and as I count my blessings I think of you and pray that God gives you His healing power to continue to make men feel whole.

Be well, God bless you.
Thank you.

H.J.M, Astoria, NY

I know you have a lot of patients, but since I am from Oklahoma you will probably remember me. I just wanted to let you know that things in Ok. are high and dry with no pain. A fantastic job, about a year ago. It was a great decision on my part and a wonderful job on your part.

Best wishes.
D.M., Oklahoma

D.M., Oklahoma

Dr. Eid,

I know you have lots of patients from around the country and world, but maybe not too many from Vermont. I hope this letter finds you, your family and staff all happy and healthy.

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ECR, Vermont

Dear Dr. Eid,

I am writing to think you for accepting me as a patient and for performing my prostate penile implant surgery on August 1, 2012 at Lenox Hill Hospital. All of the nice, beautiful and eloquent words in the English language are simply not sufficient to express my most profound gratitude for what you have done for me as well as my wife.
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Dear Dr. Eid,

I hope this letter finds you well. It has now been 5 months since the completion of my operation. Even though at the beginning, I had a bit of a rough start, after 10 weeks of healing, everything started to come into place. When I first spoke with you, I felt the confidence to go forward with the procedure.
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T.I., Indonesia

Dear Dr. Eid,
Your office staff/nurses are wonderful! Professional, friendly, amiable, courteous, prompt, reliable and just plain "nice". They are a pleasure to deal with - all of them - and you are fortunate to have them in your employ.

I have dealt primarily with Sylvia and Janice - but all are equally deserving of praise.

Best regards,

AJS, New York, NY

Today is the first time I am celebrating my wedding anniversary since my surgery and me and wife took today off. I just want to say THANK YOU!

LR, Staten Island NY

Ruby, please let Dr. Eid and all other colleagues of yours at the Advanced Urological Care know that my wife and I appreciate the very professional manner the procedure and all other related matter was handled during our brief visit to New York City. It's exactly one week ago since we returned to Lagos, Nigeria. The healing process has continued beautifully. We hope to see all you good people again when we visit in May. Please accept our warmest regards.

E.Z., Lagos, Nigeria

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