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Today is the first time I am celebrating my wedding anniversary since my surgery and me and wife took today off. I just want to say THANK YOU!

LR, Staten Island NY

Ruby, please let Dr. Eid and all other colleagues of yours at the Advanced Urological Care know that my wife and I appreciate the very professional manner the procedure and all other related matter was handled during our brief visit to New York City. It's exactly one week ago since we returned to Lagos, Nigeria. The healing process has continued beautifully. We hope to see all you good people again when we visit in May. Please accept our warmest regards.

E.Z., Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Dr. Eid,
Just another Thank You to you and your great staff. A very special thanks for you giving up time on your vacation for "The House Call". The only problem I seem to have is lack of sensitivity. It seems to take a long time for me to reach a climax.

My wife and I would like you and yours to be our guests for dinner when you come back to Singer Island this month. Our weather has been fantastic.

J. G., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Dr. Eid: I appreciate all of your care you give to your patients. You have changed my life in so many ways.

Thank you again for helping me.

Robert, Georgia

Dear Dr. Eid, Thank you for the excellent treatment and care that you have given me through this very sensitive ordeal. Your kindness and compassion was sincerely appreciated. The type of person you are is well exemplified by the treatment that is received from your staff. Any organization reflects the style of its leader and your organization could not have a kinder leader.

D.S., New Jersey

Dear Dr. Eid, Treasured memories linger on in my mind of your keen interest in my health care, each time I visit your office.

CM, Saint Albans NY

Thank you seems woefully inadequate but I want you to know I say it with the most heartfelt and deepest sincerity. Just over two years ago, after enjoying 28 years of carefree sex with my beautiful wife, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and overnight, at the age of 54, I lost my ability to have an erection forever. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to the surgeon who performed my radical prostatectomy - in retrospect, he saved my life. But, after 20 months of disciplined (perhaps obsessive) penile rehab (PDES inhibitors, pumps, injections, traction, etc.), I realized I had hit the end of the road. My erections were never coming back. I only had one option left: the implantable penile prosthesis.

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DP, New York - May 15, 2014

Thank you for your kind consideration. My new wife and I look forward to a fulfilling and promising sex life and you are a great help to us. God bless you.

SLR, New York

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