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Hello Dr Eid. I had my surgery on Jan 30, 2018. As you know, I had prostate cancer surgery, prostate removed on Aug 22, 2017.

I have no words to tell you how the penile implant affected my life. I was always sexually active, and the prospect of being impotent affected my life tremendously. Without surgery, at my 71 years, I have a new lease on happiness, not necessarily from a sex point of view, but from my self-esteem. The implant works flawlessly. It feels like a part of me, like it was always there. I am in China now, but wanted to thank you for your help on this difficult moments of my life. A special thanks to your staff, wonderful people. THANK YOU, THANK YOU,THANK YOU, and God bless you.

- J.F.


Difficult as it is for me to believe, it's been a year since the implant procedure. Less difficult to believe, however, is that everything you said would happen has come to pass. This implant creates an erection which far surpasses anything that occurs in nature both in terms of hardness and duration. It goes up when you want, you can hang your pants on it and it doesn't go down until you release it.

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I first met Dr. Eid in September of 2016 almost a year after I had undergone my first penile implant with another doctor. The results of the first procedure were a vast improvement over what I had been experiencing prior to it i.e. severe E.D. and Peyronie disease. However, that notwithstanding, several months after not being fully satisfied with the results of the first implant, achieving hardness but not good rigidity, it was good but I wanted better, I did some research on the internet as to possible causes . I found Dr.Eid’s website which offered a free consultation via email.
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Dr. Eid,

It is now 9 months since my surgery. I would like to thank you. It is working amazingly well. My wife and I are very pleased with the outcome. In addition I am back to using normal bike seat. My concerns about bicycling were overblown so long as I wear appropriate clothing and be careful.

Best wishes to you and your family for the New Year.

LZ, M.D. (Florida)

Hi Dr. Eid, here's an update. Surgery was Fri (+0), removed catheter on Mon (+3), activated Tuesday (+4). No swelling in scrotum so could feel all parts of pump. Pump position is perfect. I deflated & slightly inflated again. Using hot pad & shower instead of bath. All seems to be going perfectly, very little pain.

Mr. DP, California

Dr. Eid this is Mr. JB. The stitches were taken out day 14. Beautiful work. By day 18 my wife could not wait so we had intercourses. It was like the song dancing cheek to check with the line we were in heaven. No problems and it went on for so long that my wife said, thank you Dr Eid out loud. We both laughed. We will try to behave but I am just her sex slave. Blessings.

Mr. JB, Mississippi

Thank you for your professionalism, your courtesy and consistent diligence. You all are an example of solid teamwork. Thank you for your professionalism. Thanks for your comforting reassurance that I would be just fine. Thank you for your help in keeping me positive as I consistently doubted my own ability to operate my device. You’re a blessing to the patients there.
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William M., NY

A while ago, I was sitting in this office in the same position as you. I am writing this letter to help by sharing some of my thoughts and personal experiences as an implant patient. As background, I am a well-respected middle-aged physician, who has made it to the elected position of “Chief of Staff” at a significant hospital in California. I extensively researched the implant procedure and implant surgeons for several months before scheduling my surgery.
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Ralph K, MD

I just wanted to say not only did you save my marriage but you saved my life too. I feel like a normal man again. I suffered for years with ED and didn't know there was a solution until I discovered you. My implant couldn't be any more perfect. Now only does it allow me to perform anytime I want to, it also has eliminated premature ejaculation issues I once had too. I'm a stud now (according to my wife ). I really can't thank you enough. I would endorse you all day every day if you needed me too. Peace and Thank you.

A.K., Boston

Dr. Eid and his entire team are wonderfully skilled and caring people. If I’d known beforehand how capable and kind they all are it wouldn’t have taken me 2 years to decide to go through the pre-op steps and the operation. I missed some very pleasant years by postponing the process as long as I did because of various fears. One fear was the penile injection which turned out to be totally comfortable. Another issue I had that held me back for those 2 years was an intense fear of getting the injection for regional anesthesia before the operation.
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John T. New York

Sometimes words cannot express ones happiness to feel like a total effective man since September of 2005. Thank you Dr. Eid and your wonderful staff which you all made it possible.

Cruz, H., New York

First day back home and in the bath. No painkillers since day 5 post op, Went from 0 to 4 straight pumps. Used two thumbs in each other and index fingers supporting the back and 4th finger to hold the valve just for more stability.
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First, let me thank you for your kindness, cooperation, professionalism and timeliness in providing service and immediate response to my many questions. You and the staff are a reflection of the great man that you work for. Dr. Eid is the ultimate health care provider and tops all others that I have seen and been associated with throughout my entire life. His knowledge, his persona and ability to restore my manhood will never be forgotten. He truly made me and my family feel special. Prior to, and after the surgery, he spent time to explain the procedure and next-steps, not only to me, but to my wife and son as well. For that, we are truly grateful.

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Bill, New York

I want you to know that you have given me back my life. This cannot be more true than you can imagine. After suffering from several years, you saved me. Thank you very much. You and your staff are truly gifts from above.

Thomas F., New York

I want you to know that MSKCC gave me only one referral in your specialization, you, so coming from them, my confidence level was quite high even before we met. It only took me 5 minutes of meeting and talking with you, for me to jump over a very high barrier of agreeing to surgery.


I just want to thank you for giving me a new life...I owe you big time brotha.


After we talked on the 4th week anniversary of my Halloween procedure, I took your advice and tried to deflate, and it worked! Me and my wife were both amazed and delighted I must say? orgasms all around! And now that we have our spontaneity back we're so relieved, I can't describe it. Please feel free to include my name and phone number on your referrals list. Our experience could be of value to anyone else coming in from out of state and we?d be glad to discuss it frankly with your future patients. Thanks for everything!

R. H., Colorado

Thank you for your professionalism, expertise, and courtesy. My life has an added dimension, now that I have an implant.

R. Adams

Dear Dr. Eid and Staff, Please add me to the list of those whom you've given their life back. A simple but very powerful action has recently given me much joy - I returned my spare package of depends to C.V.S.! Warmest regards, Paul

Paul R., New Jersey

My implant is fantastic, you did a wonderful job! If you need someone to give a testimonial, I would gladly volunteer. Men with ED could be needlessly scared of getting an implant, thus for many years depriving themselves and partner of ability to have normal relations. Aside from the implant, Dr. Eid has given me new life and vigor - brilliant job!

P. K., Nevada

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