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You have saved my masculinity and my future sexual life. I can only thank you, and my current partner does not even know that I have a penile prosthesis. Your attention to detail and placement of the pump was so good that even my sexual partner of six years does now know it’s there.

Fred R.

You’re wonderful. The implant has turned my life around. It’s wonderful, fantastic, the best time ever.

Allan B.

Today is the 10th anniversary of my receipt of the penile implant, and I couldn’t let the day go by without expressing my sincere thanks to you for your skillful work and the wonderful outcome you achieved. After ten years, it continues to perform as good as new. I couldn’t be more pleased.

John T.

A little over a year ago, after many years of unsuccessful pills, and recent injections, I contact you. Just wanted you to know that you have changed our lives and we are grateful. My expectations were exceeded in every way. When I first contact you for the consultation, you asked about my size. I estimated 5.75. Post implant for some reason, I am at a 6 or even a bit more, and girth is slightly more than pre implant. Not sure how all that happened, and although I was not concerned with size, I am very pleased with the outcome. Loss of size seems to be a common concern, however for me it didn’t happen.

Now at 9 months post-op, everything has settled in and the implant pump is very soft, and cylinders are pliable and comfortable. My advice for new patients would be just to be patient and give yourself time to adjust and heal. It all gets better with time.

Mark F.

Thank you for the excellent treatment and care that you have given me through this very sensitive ordeal. Your kindness and compassion were sincerely appreciated. The type of person you are is well exemplified by the treatment that is received from your staff. Any organization reflects the style of its leader and your organization could not have a kinder leader.

Don S.

While I was researching this procedure, I came across an interview with you where you talked about how permanent erectile dysfunction becomes something a man can never escape, how it can occupy his mind obsessively. And how treating this dysfunction surgically is no different than restoring function to any other impaired organ. Reading this, I thought “this man understands what I’m going through, he truly gets it.” You are the rarest of elite surgeons, Dr. Eid, one who can understand and truly empathize with his patients.

David P.

Dear Dr. Eid, your office staff/nurses are wonderful! Professional – friendly – amiable – courteous – prompt – reliable – and just plain “nice!” They are a pleasure to deal with and you are fortunate to have them in your everyday.

Arthur S.

Dr. Eid, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate you and your staff. Everyone that works for you is outstanding! Thank you for taking such good care of my husband. I will be forever grateful.

Teri B.

Dr. Eid, just wanted to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the wonderful results that I’ve experienced after the penile implant procedure. It’s a blessing to know that I can, once again, b able to function as a “sexually active” male without having to rely on prescription drugs or injections in order to perform. Even though there was some discomfort after the operation, it was well worth it!

Bob W.

Hello Dr. Eid. I had my surgery on Jan 30. As you know, I had prostate cancer surgery, prostate removed.

I have no words to tell you how the penile implant affected my life. I was always sexually active, and the prospect of being impotent affected my life tremendously. With your surgery, at my 71 years, I have a new lease on happiness, not necessarily from a sex point of view, but from my self-esteem. The implant works flawlessly. It feels like a part of me, like it was always there.


Dr. Eid – I was a patient of yours in April of this year. My wife and I would like to thank you for the wonderful time we are having in Italy! You helped make this a memorable trip!!

Roderick G.

Dear Dr. Eid, words cannot express how I feel after the implant. You have both saved and changed my life! You and your wonderful staff made the process easy, and at times, even fun! You have made my golden years solid gold!

Bob J.

Dr. Eid, as you remember I had tried Cialis, Viagra, and Tri-Mix (injection therapy). Unfortunately for me, none of these options worked well; in fact, I eventually ended up spending 14 days in three different Florida hospitals, partly due to unqualified doctors and ultimately misuse of the Tri-Mix. I went through months of extreme pain! It was now apparent my only option was to get a penile implant. I decided to simply Google “The Best Penile Implant Surgeon”, no matter how I searched the internet I kept coming up with Dr. Francois Eid. Long story short, I traveled a few times to NY and ultimately had Coloplast penile implant surgery done with Dr. Eid. In my case, it was the best choice I could have ever made! Dr. Eid truly cares about his patients. I just wish I had gone to see him sooner.

Dan. A.

I would give the highest recommendation possible for Dr. Eid. He is the consummate professional, both as a surgeon and a caring medical professional. After a prostatectomy in 2003 I experienced severe incontinence and ED. Both the sphincter and penile implant have worked exceptionally well. Twice during the 15 years since my operations I have had an issue with the sphincter. Both times I was in a developing country in the middle of the night when I couldn’t active it. So, I did what Dr. Eid had told me to do if I ever had a problem. I called him at 2:30 in the morning. He answered his cell phone and talked me through the solution to my problem. In 10 minutes, I was back to normal, in full control of my urination.

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Dear Dr. Eid – I cannot begin to tell you how much you have helped me, by the surgery you did on me. You are a real artist, as well as a very sincere, caring doctor. I only wish I had found you a few years ago, when I just began to have the problem. This has helped my self-esteem. Every guy that has this problem should know about you!

Wayne T.

This was no simple prosthesis you did for me – This was a miracle, a life-saving operation. I am a NEW man – emotionally, physically, renewed energy, everything. You brought me back to life! I could not be more grateful. You were also sensitive, available, brilliant. I could not be more pleased or happier.


As background, I am a well-respected middle-aged physician. I extensively researched the implant procedure and implant surgeons for several months before scheduling my surgery. It became clear to me that Dr. Eid is the “King” of the implant surgeons. With over 5,000 implant operations, he has all the experience to expertly perform this surgeon.

Personally, I am extremely pleased with my implant. His expert use of the “no-touch” technique is unique. I healed extremely quickly with great results. My pump is perfectly positioned in a spot behind my testicles where it can’t be seen or felt during lovemaking, but yet it is easily accessible to my trained hands. Penile implant surgery is not for the faint of heart. Personally, I sailed through the surgery, and I returned to work doing minor surgical procedures on my patients two weeks after surgery. The surgery gave me back my manhood, and it is true that I am now completely cured of any erectile dysfunction. With my identity and manhood restored, my general outlook on life has greatly improved.

Ralph K.

I am writing to you to express my most heartfelt gratitude for the surgeries which you have so magnificently performed on me. As a prostate cancer survivor, I was experiencing both severe erectile dysfunction and severe urinary incontinence. The penile implant gave me so much more than I ever could have dreamed of. In fact, Dr. Eid, you saved my marriage. The artificial urinary sphincter which you performed returned my life back to me. I went from focusing my ever moment searching for rest rooms, changing pads, and having urinary accidents while in public, to now having total 100% control over my urinary function.
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Harry C.

Dr. Eid… I just wanted to say not only did you save my marriage but you saved my life too. I feel like a normal man again. I suffered for years with ED and didn’t know there was a solution until I discovered you. My implant couldn’t be more perfect. Not only does it allow me to perform anytime I want to, it also has eliminated premature ejaculation issues I once had too. I’m a stud now (according to my wife!). I really can’t thank you enough.

Adrian K.

I’m just touching base with you to tell you how fantastic my whole experience with the implant has been. It goes far beyond the sex. It is the confidence that it gives me about myself. I attribute it all to coming to you, a world class professional, to get the work done. It is sized correctly and performs flawlessly.

Glenn R.

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