Erectile Dysfunction Patient Liaison Service

  • Talk to Mark about his success with a penile implant
  • No cost, no obligation
  • Get unbiased answers to important questions
  • Flexible call availability
  • Private and confidential

Mark provides a question and answer experience over the phone to those wishing to speak directly with a former erectile dysfunction (ED) patient that has actually received a penile implant. Mark speaks warmly, openly and candidly about his previous ED issues, research to find a solution, experience, traveling to find the right doctor, post surgery discomfort, using the device, change in sex life, and his continued experience.

This is a free service for those wishing to speak directly to Mark (your only cost is the phone call if you do not use the toll-free service). Women are also encouraged to talk to Mark to learn about his wife’s perspective on implants.

On most days, Mark is available by phone until 11PM EST to communicate with people who are interested in implants for themselves or their partner. His schedule allows those individuals that have a difficult time getting privacy during business hours to call after hours. Overseas callers will also appreciate Mark’s accommodating schedule.

By choosing to speak with Mark, a former patient of Dr. Eid and a recipient of a saline inflatable penile implant, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

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If Mark is busy with another call, you can leave a message and specify a time(s) you wish to be called back. If you reach Mark’s voicemail and do not wish to leave a message, please try calling back in 15-30 minutes.

Mark only shares his individual experience and knowledge: Medical questions must be discussed with Dr. Eid or a qualifying doctor.

My name is Mark and I am a 53-year-old male that suffered from erectile dysfunction (ED) for over 15 years, a problem that started in my late 30s.

My first introduction to treating ED was penile injections, which proved to not work in the doctor's office. However, I was told by the doctor to go home and keep trying for the next couple of months. Not only did the injections continue to not to work for me but they were also painful and the least spontaneous of any type of treatment.

When Viagra came to the market it was phenomenal. It worked quite well in the beginning until I developed a tolerance to the medication as a majority of men do. Under medical advice I increased the Viagra dosages, which resulted in better reliability, but also worsening headaches and other complications due to its side effects. I tried other prescribed ED medications - some worked occasionally and others with no results at all. Eventually Viagra simply became ineffective and if anything the side effects became more reliable than the intended "cure".

I tried every herbal medication that even remotely might help male libido and erections. These included things like Ginkgo, L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Zinc, Maca, Yohimbe and Horny Goat Weed (probably only works if you're a goat). Most of these did absolutely nothing. Yohimbe was even extremely dangerous and caused sudden blood pressure changes - almost made me stiff in the wrong way! Unfortunately I found out that some of the big-name, nonprescription medicines contain a combination of these herbal ingredients and ultimately they were all a huge waste of money with disappointing results!

Despite the ineffectiveness of the pills and herbs I had no intention of giving up my sexual activity with my wife. I felt it was paramount to my health and well being to find a solution that was based on science and technology rather than Internet hype and unreliable voodoo medicine.

My research led me to a penile implant as being the correct solution to my problems. I wanted to have spontaneous intercourse without the side effects associated with commercially available medications and herbal remedies. This led me to Dr. Eid and his surgical expertise with penile implants. In particular I was impressed with his “No-Touch Surgical Technique,” which vastly reduces the chances of post-operative infections along with the high quality penile implant devices that he uses.

While my wife was skeptical at first she now loves the implant! I feel that it has not only restored my ability to have an erection whenever I want, but also my overall confidence and closeness with my wife that had dissipated over the years. Now I'm no longer hearing from my wife "maybe next time it will be better..." She now says, “Our sexual intimacy feels natural, along with being pleasurable.”

Personal issues with erectile dysfunction (ED) before the penile implant

  • My experience and history with ED
  • My attempts to remedy ED with prescription medications, herbal, and natural medicines
  • My experiences with general practitioners and local doctors to correct the problem
  • Why the ED medications I took eventually failed

Research experience and recommendations before having the implant

  • My research methodology
  • My thoughts about the information available online (YouTube, testimonials, press releases/news, doctor websites, WebMD, etc.)
  • What I liked or disliked about website information or lack of information

Meeting Dr. Eid for initial consultation

  • How I narrowed down doctors qualified for the procedure
  • What I looked for in a physician regarding experience and expertise
  • Different techniques and ways of doing the procedure and what I felt the most comfortable with
  • Thoughts about a general practitioner performing the procedure verses a specialist like Dr. ED

Post operative concerns and fears

  • Will the implant perform better than other treatments I used
  • Concerns about post operative infections and why Dr. Eid’s No Touch Surgical Technique” impressed me
  • Pain and discomfort typically associated with penile implant procedures

Travel and logistics FAQs

  • Transportation and hotel costs
  • What was it like having the procedure done out of state
  • What was it like returning home after the procedure; i.e, comfort level and travel issues

Post operative healing and discomfort

  • Day after the operation, one week, one month, six-months, and ongoing
  • Minimizing pain and discomfort after the procedure

Post operative results and use of the implant

  • Expectations and use of the implant
  • Having an implant considering exercise routines, sleep, work, etc
  • Quality of life improvements
  • How my partner feels about the implant
  • Getting use to the penile implant