If you have trouble developing and maintaining an erection on a regular basis, you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). Causes of ED range from physical to psychological, or may be a combination of both. Aging also plays a role in ED. Having ED can result in feelings of shame, embarrassment, depression, and loss of self-confidence. In addition when one is afflicted with ED, one thinks about it all the time. It’s exhausting!

If you desire a fulfilling sex life and medication hasn’t helped your ED, you may be a candidate for a penile implant. Getting a penile implant involves a minimally invasive procedure. A prosthetic device is inserted through a one inch opening of the scrotum inside your penis and scrotum that enables you to achieve an erection once again.

You may have many questions if you’re considering a penile implant. Dr. J Francois Eid, our board-certified urologist here at Advanced Urological Care PC, has performed this surgery over 7,000 times, over the last 32 years, so you’re in safe hands. He’s an internationally known expert in penile implant surgery, author of the penile implant chapter in the Campbell Urology textbook and treats patients from across the globe.

Dr. Eid shares these 3 facts about penile implants that you may not know.

1. Penile implants maintain sensation and function

Your first question may be, “Will it work?” You want to know if you undergo the surgical procedure that you’ll be able to engage in normal sexual function again and be satisfied with the result. The good news is that the implant won’t adversely affect sensation, orgasm, or ejaculation. Your sex life can basically return to normal. Nothing is removed to place the implant such that some patients will retain their ability to have natural partial fullness in response to sexual stimulation before they even activate the implant.

2. There are three options for penile implants

Men today have a choice of three types of penile implants: a three-piece inflatable, a two-piece inflatable, and a non-inflatable.

Three-piece inflatable implant

The three-piece inflatable implant looks and feels the most like your normal penis, and no one can detect from observation that you have an implant. The device consists of cylinders in the penile shaft, pump inside the scrotum and a reservoir that stores the saline. It is totally concealed inside the body. It’s also very easy to use. You simply press and release the scrotal inflation bulb to pump saline into the cylinders to gain an erection. A valve near the bulb of the pump deflates the erection when you’re finished. It’s the most comfortable implant when you’re not using it because your penis has near-normal flaccidity. Whats amazing about this device is that it gives the bearer complete control of the duration and rigidity of the erection.

Two-piece inflatable implant

The two-piece inflatable device is slightly more difficult to operate and is also completely contained inside your body. It’s a simpler operation for the doctor since there is no reservoir to insert which compromises it’s function. Your penis with this implant doesn’t look and feel quite the same as a normal functioning penis. Your erection won’t be quite as stiff as with the insertion of the three-piece implant nor will it be as flaccid when not in use. This type of implant is reserved for patients that have had extensive and major pelvic surgery which limits placement of the reservoir.

Non-inflatable implant

This implant is easy to use; you simply move it upward when you want to have an erection. It’s an option if you have limited or no use of your hands. less than one in ten implants performed in the United States today is a non-inflatable implant. After the procedure, your penis must adapt to being in a position of an erection all the time. When not in use, it’s pointing downward but the shaft of the penis will always feel erect. A major drawback of this type of device is that because its always hard it will slowly shrink or atrophy the surrounding flesh of the penis in the long run.

3. Training is available after inflatable penile implant procedures

Although most patients will learn how to inflate and deflate their devices on their own as early as three days after their procedure, patients are welcomed to return for follow up visit if needed. For those who initially struggle they can learn how to deflate and inflate it in the office, and then repeat the cycle at home every day until you they feel completely comfortable with it. At that point, and as early as three weeks after the implant is inserted, you’re ready to use it during sexual intimacy.

Call our office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan or book an appointment online with Advanced Urological Care for the most expert treatment available today for penile implant surgery.

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