History and Evaluation

Obtaining a good and detailed history for the chief complaint of ED is essential in order to make an accurate diagnosis before proceeding with a treatment option. The most efficient initial step and probably the most comfortable for the patient is a self-administered Patient History Questionnaire

What do the answers tell us? The completed questionnaire is reviewed by Dr. Eid and additional questions may be asked. Review of the history will enable Dr. Eid to determine if the problem is most likely organic (physical) or psychogenic, your current level of functioning, which initial diagnostic tests are going to be the most useful and what should be the most appropriate initial treatment.

Specific questions about performance help determine the severity of ED. The Sexual Health Inventory for Men is particularly useful for grading the severity of the ED.

Evaluation of the patient complaining of ED must also include a medical and family history. Emphasis is on the presence of such conditions as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Questions about history of previous pelvic surgery (prostate, bladder, colorectal), radiation therapy or chemotherapy may be relevant to the present complaint. Patients are also asked about medications intake, tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption or other drug use as these activities might impact erectile function.  

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