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3 Interesting Facts About Surgical Penile Implants

Let’s begin this discussion with the most important fact you should understand about erectile dysfunction (ED): More than half of men experience ED at some point in their lives and the problem tends to increase with age. The next most important point to consider is that there are many effective solutions for ED, including surgical penile implants.

At Advanced Urological Care, Dr. J. Francois Eid and our team of men’s health experts understand the impact that ED can have on your overall health and wellness, and we’re here to help. While there are many avenues to restoring your sex life, few are as effective and go the distance like implants, including internal penile pumps.

To give you an idea of why penile implants are so popular here at our practice and elsewhere, here are three interesting facts to consider.

1. A silent partner

One of the greatest benefits of an internal penile implant is that after we place the device, there’s little you have to worry about when it comes to your sex life. Unlike spot treatments like pills or injections, your internal penile implant is always ready when you are. With a simple squeeze of the pump or bend of your penis, you can achieve and maintain an erection that shows no signs of the implant. You will never think about having ED anymore!

2. An answer to all of your problems

Another benefit of an internal penile implant is that it can solve several problems at once. First, the implant doesn’t affect your sensation or your ability to have an orgasm. In fact, if even if you achieve orgasm quickly, your implant can still maintain your erection to continue your experience for as long as you’d like.

This enhanced sexual endurance is a boon for many men who report that they’re even able to achieve a second orgasm during the same encounter while also tending to their partner’s desires.

3. Your penis, but better

If you’ve had prostate surgery or a problem like Peyronie’s disease, it may lead to a shrinkage of the natural size of your penis in its flaccid state. When we place your internal penile implant, not only does it help your penis grow into an erection, it helps reshape your penis when it’s flaccid. With the penile implant, your flaccid penis can become longer and wider in girth, giving it a fuller look at all times.

Getting your penile implant

Now that we better understand some of the many benefits of a surgical penile implant, let’s quickly address the surgery piece of this puzzle. If you’re understandably anxious about such a procedure, our own Dr. Eid is the inventor of the No-Touch Technique. Using this approach when he places your implant, Dr. Eid doesn’t touch your skin, which results in a postoperative infection rate of less than 0.5%, while other techniques have infection rates of up to 5%.

Dr. Eid has performed more than 6,000 penile implant surgeries, and in most cases, patients are able to enjoy the results in as little as three weeks after the procedure.

If you’d like to explore surgical penile implants further, we invite you to contact our office on New York City’s Upper East Side to set up a consultation. For your safety, we’re also offering phone and video consults during these uncertain times.


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