After it is correctly placed, the reservoir is filled with an appropriate amount of saline and connected to the penile pump. Especially when an AMS reservoir is used, a surrogate test is performed with a 60cc syringe to check for auto-inflation and further confirm reservoir placement. The Coloplast reservoirs have a Lock-out valve preventing auto inflation and therefore this maneuver is not as important when using Coloplast devices. The presence of bloody urine may indicate that a bladder perforation has occurred. It is better to identify this problem at this point of the penile implant procedure because it will necessitate removal and replacement of the reservoir on the contralateral side of the bladder.

The operating table is now unflexed, to a neutral position, and the point at which the tubing from the reservoir crosses the tubing from the penile pump is identified. Both tubes are clamped 2 finger breadths below the point of crossing. Tubing is then appropriately trimmed and a connected to each other.